18 Wheels and a burrito under the hood

 Gonzotrucker runs a relay route in Arizona.”  I show up pre trip and fuel my truck then drive 3 hours to my relay point.  At the relay drop yard i switch truck’s and trailer’s with Larry.  Larry comes from California every night, a three hour drive with a burrito under his hood to cook for his lunch.  “He takes a frozen burrito and wraps it in tin foil”,  and places it under the hood.  His three hours drive cooks the burrito so when he arrives he has his lunch.  Well last night he forgot to take the burrito out because he was late.  The truck he first got into was out of fuel and he had to return to the yard loosing 45 minutes.  Making me 45 minutes late in the process.  So i was one hour down the road on my return trip when i get a call.  “It’s” Larry hey man can you remove the burrito for me.  So shit i pulled over and removed it and i just put it in the truck with me.  Now the infamous burrito is traveling down the road with me in the cab.  So two hours later im 15 minutes from my drop yard when i get hungry, so why not i decide to eat the burrito.  That’s when the crash happened.  Another big truck was passing me with a four wheeler right on his ass.  “The big truck was 7  feet past me when the four wheeler cut back in front of me”,  almost hitting me by 3 inches!  I dropped the burrito on the dirty floor and the four wheeler started to go into the other trucks lane.  Pushing him almost into the medium and the hitting his running boards.  Ahhh shit im already one hour late now this.  So we all pulled over i was smart, and pulled in front of them first so i could go when we’re done with police. By this time i had forgotten the burrito and ran back to see if everyone was ok.  thats when the four wheeler decided to take off almost running down the gonzotrucker.  Me and the other trucker just stared at each other and watched the car almost hit other vehicles.  Well he was drunk and the state police got him for “hit and run”,  and i went home after being delayed 1 hour more at the schene.  That my friends was my Friday night at work. I am thinking of suing the driver for my burrito what do you think?  Do i have a case?.



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  1. concerncitizen says:

    Sir, if that’s is constitutional and under your bill of rights. then go sue the driver..or maybe ask for a replacement of a new and hot fillings buritto

  2. gonzotrucker says:

    “i’m’ thinking about it because i want my burrito back.

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