My Big Rig Hero

My Big Rig Hero by Fat_n_HappyHW


So, it’s a crisp fall day in upstate New York.  I’m staring out at all the beautiful

fall foliage because autumn is my favorite season.  I’m supposed to be getting us the

next load out, but I see a sign for Niagara Falls.  Well, more than just a sign, a bill

board.  Niagara Falls?
“Can we?  Can we?” I beg.


“Call the truck stops and see if we can drop the
trailer and I’ll drive ya up there,” he

answers.  Each one
says no.  I must have had the most
pitiful look in the world on my

face, because then he said, “well, see if you can get
hold of someone in the office and

find out if we can get in there with the truck and


I must have dialed, been on hold, and then transferred a
million times before I was

finally told that deliveries are made to “lot one”
and therefore it shouldn’t be a

problem.  Yeehaw, I’m
going to Niagara Falls!!!


“I hope you’re right, Buttercup” he says.  “If we get stuck we’ll need a helicopter

lift us out of there.”
Well, secretly inside I was praying like mad that I was right

and we could get in and out of there okay.  One mistake in a big rig and you can kiss

your retirement goodbye.
We put the destination in co-pilot and we were off.


The closer we got, the more obvious it became that the
delivery trucks my “office angel”

had been speaking of were not semis but straight trucks that
max out at maybe 24 foot

for the trailer and our trailer was twice that.  But like a trooper, my BigRigPig just

kept going.  I know it
must have gone against every fiber of his professional being to

navigate those streets leading up to “lot one” of
the Niagara Falls State Park.


After we crossed the bridge over the Niagara River, the road
became very narrow and the

curves were so tight we could read the license plate on our
own trailer.  But BigRigPig

is such a professional that it was no time before we rolled
up to the ticket booth, um

toll booth?  Not sure
what it’s called, but we had to do a little chain/cone moving to

maneuver the truck and trailer through the booth lane and
into the parking lot.  And,

then, of course, we had to take up quite a few parking
spaces, none of which were for



Once we were parked, I changed into tennis shoes, we grabbed
our phones and cameras and

hurried out of the truck before anyone could tell us we
shouldn’t be there!  Luckily,

and in spite of about 8 police vehicles in the parking lot,
it was “off season” and “after

hours”, so we weren’t really in anyone’s way.


I can’t really describe the Falls to you.  It’s something you have to experience for

yourself.  If you’re
spiritual at all, you’ll feel it the moment you hear them. There’s

a certain hum or vibration you almost immediately feel.  It draws you toward it.  The

closer you get, the louder it gets until it’s almost
deafening.  You step up to the

rails, look over…
you can’t help it.  Okay, I
couldn’t help it.  I felt the urge to

walk out in it.
Bizarre, I know, but my mind kept going there.  Anyhow, the majesty

defies my ability to vocalize the beauty and I will say it’s
only second to the Grand



We spent some time just listening.  We spent some time just mesmerized by the
spray of

the water.  We spent
some time pretending to throw each other over the edge.  Then it

was time to go.


Now, I’m not sure I got across on the way in just how tight
and unmaneuverable the road

was, but just let me say, it was way scarier getting out of
there than getting in!!  But

he did it, of course, because he’s a professional driver and
it’s his job.  But he was

something else that day… he was my BigRigHero!!


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Mom to five, wife to a long-haul truck driver… fat
and happy am I!! Always looking for recipes that store well on the truck or
even for camping.

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