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How to change disc brakes

How to change disc brakes Tools required: jack, jack stand, a lug wrench, flat head screwdriver, brake pad lube, a 3/8 ratchet, a socket set, a large pliers or a caliper compressor tool, and brake pads.   Note: Some vehicles require a star bit commonly known as a torx or an allen style bit to […]

“How to change your oil”

How to do an oil change 1. Make sure to have all of the following: oil drain plug wrench { usually ranging from a 10mm to a 17mm depending on the vehicle specs.}, an oil drain pan, an oil filter  the particular model in question, an oil filter wrench if needed, and usually five quarts […]


CDL TRAINING I have a friend who went through company paid cdl training with a large trucking company. He signed a one year contract to work for them after he got his cdl training. Everything started out well the CDL training course was good, they taught him everything he needed to know. Classroom training, over the […]


Wal Mart Truck Driving Jobs When we look around there are many ways to transport parcels, goods and packages. On focus of numerous marketing agencies we see that transport efficiency plays a vital role in it. Many companys have hired common carriers for this job and in return of their money the hired laborers transport their material goods […]

Truck Driver Salary: Factors Which Influence It “Driver Turnover Rates”

Truck Driver Salary A truck driver salary can depend on many factors like training, licensure, transported goods, distance covered etc. Nearly every product in the world has to be transported from the manufacturing center to the delivery location or to retail centers all over the world. As production and companies increase their turnover, the trucking industry is […]

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