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“Extreme Truckers”

  JOBS IN THE OIL FIELDS”,  MIDDLE EAST AND ON THE ICE ROADS FOR EXTREME TRUCKERS. “These are some of the highest paying truck driving jobs in the world”, and if you want to earn big money these jobs are for you.  The “danger” is high and sometimes very remote driving where you will have […]

Truckers Thanksgiving

Truckers Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a time to be with your family, and celebrate the year’s  harvest.  But for a truck driver it is the busiest time of the year, and most of us have to work. Everything for your Thanksgiving dinner came on a truck. From now until January a trucker will earn the most […]

Trucking Dispatchers

“How to deal with dispatchers to get better loads” Knowing a little about “dispatchers” is crucial to getting better loads!  First you should know they earn on average $31,000 a year.  They hold the “key” to you earning big bucks and your future. They are the biggest factor for you to earn big money.  They […]


We have a truck driver shortage in the USA, and high unemployment. So why not start offering free cdl training to the unemployed? It would be a good idea to get the unemployment rates lower but we need batter cdl training programs. Longer time behind the wheel with a cdl trainer more classroom time. They […]

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