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Byron final weeks as company Truck Driver

Well i started driving commercial vehicle in 1994  i have driven just about every sort of commercial equipment. From taxi to bus to truck and many others over the years i have done nights days morning afternoons Off road on road local regional and long haul I will say nothing really shocks me about driving […]


OODIA Wages War On FMCSA The public eye is firmly focused on the ongoing OODIA lawsuit against the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Additional filings occurred in January 2012, due to the inability of the FMCSA to adhere to decisions propagated in the August 2011 hearing, when the United States Court of Appeals […]

South African Truck Driving Women

My life with transport and trucking in South Africa… Where do I start… for the last 10 years my life exists around transport, trucking and the biggest of all, trucks?  I wish my body had an odometer so I could really tell you how many kilometers  I have travelled.  And the most important of all…I […]

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