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This video was taken at a Mexican truck stop in sonyota Mexico. sonyota is a border town along the Arizona border.  Gonzotrucker went down there for the weekend to play.  You can see more videos on my youtube channel.

Learn To Drive A Truck At Schneider National, Inc.

Learn To Drive A Truck At Schneider National, Inc.   Schneider National is one of the biggest U.S. trucking companies, and also one of the most successful. The firm pulls in awards for their policies and employees. They are recognized for efforts to reduce emissions and provide a safe, positive environment for workers. In fact, […]

American Truckers In The Middle East

American Truckers In The Middle East Truckers are the very heart of the country.  Without the transportation of goods provide by the trucker the country would be brought to a standstill.  These men and women work long hours in every type of bad weather imaginable to deliver the goods so that other can enjoy their […]

Jason Ellis -I’m Awesome

Jason Ellis Red Dragons Ellis is a man that believes he can do it all and excel at everything he did. He participated in the XGames and a pro skateboarder. He excelled at martial arts, boxing, truck racing, and moto sports. He landed roles on TV and in the movies. Now he has published his […]


Truck drivers Christmas Christmas is a time for family, and food. But for most truck driver’s Christmas can be a lonely time. During the holiday most truckers work. If we are not working we are thinking about work. The day’s before Christmas truck driver’s are in a rush trying to make it home. While most […]

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