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Jerry Reed- The Trucker’s Guitar Man

  Jerry Reed who is also well known in the entertainment industry by the name “the Guitar Man” is a singer, actor and song writer. He is recognized as one of the greatest entertainers with distinctive characters.  He worked with many great artists in the late 40s and won accolades for his creations.     […]

Truckers In The UK

UK or the United Kingdom is an economically advanced country with the best logistical and infrastructure in the Western world. It has a few of the best roadway systems in the world that extend for about 29,145 miles consisting of main roads, 213,750 miles  of paved roads and about 2,173 miles of freely-drive able motorways.  […]

Philippines Truckers

            Trucking companies in the Philippines are known to be classified according to small, medium and large. The small ones hold a percentage of 43 out of the total, those that are running 1-9 units. On the other hand 39 % for the medium ones owning 10-19 units while 18 […]

Mexican Truckers

Truckers form the backbone of the Mexican transport industry. The country has an average area of about 1,972,550 km square and it depends on its agricultural and export industries to run the economy. Auto manufacturing, electronics in the form of semiconductors, computers, TVs and mobile phones and technological industries are the main export industries of […]

Truckers In Japan

      The Island country of Japan, home to high-tech robots, the Shinkansen and a leader in eco-friendly cars, has a niche for building things small and sturdy. Which is good in cars, houses and electronics, but when it comes to roads, it becomes a hassle to normal semi-trucks. Having lived in Japan for […]

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