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Truckers In The Middle East

            The Middle East is probably the richest area in the world with the largest reserves of petroleum and gas. However, as we all know, the entire area is an arid desert. Most agricultural goods, food items and essentials have to be shipped or trucked in and this makes the […]

The Shortage Of Parking Facilities Has Truckers Looking For Options

        Many truckers have found that driving a big rig is no longer as rewarding or safe as it once was. With a growing number of problems related to parking shortages for their trucks, especially along major commercial corridors, many drivers have reverted to parking along entrances and exits to freeways and […]

An Overview Of Kenworth Tractor Trailers

History The Kenworth Truck company is an American maker of heavy duty and medium trucks. Incorporated in Seattle in 1923, the company now has a presence in countries such as Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Although the original founders were George T. Gerlinger and Louis Gerlinger, Jr., they later sold the business to Edgar K. Worthington […]

Truck Driver Shortage In The USA?

USA Facing a Truck Driver Shortage? Truck drivers form the backbone of the transportation industry in the entire world. A country may have the best roadways, ships and port systems and even air freight delivery systems in place but trucks and truck drivers will be required to transport the goods from the point of delivery to […]

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