2013 Australian Trucking News — 2013 QTA Awards Recognize Industry Leaders

At the 23rd Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) awards night, several Australian trucking industry leaders were recognized. Other awardees were two truck drivers who conquered 6.5 million kilometers, which were all free of any incidents.


This 2013 awards night, which had long been celebrated, marked the 23rd annual event.  It highlights on seven categories to acknowledge truck drivers and companies who demonstrated excellence and success in the trucking industry. “The caliber of nominations this year has been outstanding and is reflective of the continued level of professionalism the industry strives for,” the QTA says.


The admired awardees were Frasers Livestock Transport, Simon National Carriers, Followmont Transport and BP, who all received different remarkable awards. The Excellence in Driving Award was taken home by Darren Peach from Simon National Carriers. Since 1089, Peach had been a trucker and has never received a speeding fine. He commanded the road trains for quite long and has driven more than 3.5 kilometers free of incident. “He is a role model for younger drivers and has developed into a great mentor for those striving towards driving excellence,” the QTA says.

Another prestigious award, which is the Professional Driver of the Year, was given to BP’s Neville Thacker. Thacker is based in Townsville and has driven fuel tankers. For his 11 years in BP, he covered 3 million kilometers. During those long years as a trucker, Thacker maintained a flawless record as a driver. “His ability to engage people has been valued and appreciated by his work colleagues and all road users who come into contact with him. He is highly respected for his integrity, professionalism and commitment to the importance of the road freight transport task.” the QTA says.

ON the other hand, another admired awardee who garnered the Industry Excellence Award was John King. He worked for Toll NQX and had been in the trucking industry for more than 40 years. He was chosen for the award for his significant safety contribution and compliance. Among his noteworthy contribution was being on the lead for the use of ABB and BAB quad combinations. Also, he was the name behind the successful implementation of the NQX fleet’s 90 km/h speed limits. Moreover, King took re-installation of the black boxes in trucks. Finally, he was also recognized for his contribution in introducing NQX for the TruckSafe accreditation.


According to the QTA, King had shown an inspirational and tireless dedication to the industry’s safety. “His relentless pursuit of safety standards is driven by a level of compassion and concern for the well-being of all staff and all drivers unsurpassed in the industry. The QTA is proud to be the first to recognize his contribution,” the group says.




King on the other hand says the award distinguishes the attitude of NQX’s towards continuous improvement, compliance and safety. “NQX is quite a big company. We recognized the need to change course in about 1997. We were starting to get increasing pressure from customers about safety. We joined TruckSafe in 1998. It was absolutely the starting point for improved compliance at NQX. We’ve been huge supporters of TruckSafe ever since,” King says.

Meanwhile, Frasers Livestock has received endless praises for its contribution towards cattle and truck worker’s safety. It had been recognized for its module on custom cross-loading using a sequence of walkways, sliding gates and platforms to lessen risks of transporters or drivers from being injured while transporting cattle. With this, the company garnered the QTA Safety Award. The company has received two more awards this year for the successful invention.
Tegan McFarlane took home the Young Achiever Award. McFarlane from Followmont Transport was recognized for her initiative in recruiting the youth for the GenR8 Youth Engagement program. “As a result of this program, in 2014 Followmont will have a new injection of qualified youth into their workforce that are ‘home grown’,” the QTA says.

The People Leadership Excellence was also given to the GenR8 Youth Engagement program for hosting structured work for 12 students in different placement positions. The program had continuously hosted this program for more than 70 years.


Followmont employees, Daryl Dickenson Transport, Transpacific Industries, KS Easter Group and RB Russell Transport were also recognized for their involvement in the said program. As mentioned by the QTA, these companies had demonstrated a high level of mentoring, resources, commitment to supervision and training. “Businesses are now using GenR8 as a preferred methodology in the areas of youth recruitment, ‘employer of choice’ branding, attraction, retention and overall employment strategy. Due to industry demand, in 2014 this program will be piloted in the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley, north and far north Queensland regions,” the QTA says.

Jimmy Southwood of the Department of Transport and Main Roads leads the program and the one who accepted the award. Before the night’s end, Karen Bow from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland nabbed the final award, the Queensland Trucking Woman of the Year.


Being the principal advisor for the Transport Strategy Group department at Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, Bow was recognized for her contribution in setting direction for health and safety issues that affect the logistics and transport industry. With this, the QTA said that the trucking industry have received enormous benefits due to the group’s implementation of safety strategies. “Karen’s passion for the industry shines through in every aspect of her work. She instills pride and professionalism in the road transport industry and is a leader in promoting safety in the industry,” the QTA says.


During this awards night, valued guests together with other participants experience the luxury of Queensland Trucking Association Ltd Dinner in Sofitel Brisbane Central for an overnight accommodation in the hotel.


About QTA Annual Dinner and Awards Night


The QTA Ltd Industry Awards has become a very special and prestigious event for the road transport industry in Queensland. In the past, winners of QTA Ltd Industry Awards have had success as finalists and winners of the National Awards presented by the Australian Trucking Association. QTA Ltd presented Awards for the following six (6) categories:


  • Professional Driver
  • Industry Excellence
  • Industry Safety
  • Young Achiever
  • People Leadership Excellence
  • Qld Trucking Woman of the Year
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