2013 Australian Trucking News — Fraser Transport Wins in Queensland Safe Work Awards


Two days ago, Queensland Safe Work Awards has given out two astounding awards to this Queensland trucking firm. Fraser Livestock Transport garnered two awards, which are Best Solution to an Identified Work Health and Safety issue and Best Demonstrated Leadership in Work Health and Safety. The event is run by Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland.

The award was given to Fraser Transport in recognition for its invention that provides minimal risks to both workers and cattle when they are transferred from one truck to the other. This module has been featured on Beef Central last month.

The design and module developed by Fraser exhibits an invention that transports cattle in a safer and convenient way. Platforms were made, which are elevated to the level of both trucks. There are walkways with sliding gates, which enables workers to move around, stand or climb on top of the moving cattle for better monitoring. The passage or walkway for the cattle can be easily moved and taken away in between trucks.

Fraser Transport was congratulated by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie for the successful invention. “Together with Mal, I commend these organizations for leading the way in designing and building a better safety culture across Queensland,” Mr Bleijie said.

“The cross loading module incorporates a series of elevated platforms, over-trailer walkways and sliding gates and barriers that remove the need for the driver to work in, climb on or stand on the crate,” he said. “Whether you work with abandoned animals in Brisbane, or are helping your staff to get healthier in Townsville, or even trucking livestock in the South-West, your workplace can lead by example. These deserving winners have illustrated this.”

“This reduces the risk of falling, tripping, and coming into contact with livestock, which can cause serious injury, or even death,” Bleijie says. “Their procedure also reduces the time taken to transfer cattle between trucks, showing that a safe workplace is also a productive workplace.”
“These awards are so important because they shine a light on businesses and individuals doing their very best to make their workplaces safer and healthier,” Bleijie says.

Earlier in October before the awarding, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland department said, “Cross-loading involves reversing two trucks together, and the drivers climbing up the side of the cattle crate (a confined space that exposed the driver to live animals), standing on top of the crate and often inside the crate to move the cattle from one trailer to the next.”

“Frasers undertook extensive research to design, develop and custom build a cross-loading module that incorporates a series of elevated platforms, over-trailer walkways and sliding gates/barriers. The module removes the need for the driver to work within, climb or stand on the crate. This decreases the risks of falls, trips, and contact with livestock.”
The Safe Work Month is celebrated until the end of October and Queensland Safe Work Awards ceremony marks one of the highlights of the event.

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