2013 Australian Trucking News — Trucking Australia 2013 Best Corporate Event Nominee

The Australian Annual Event Awards has named four finalists for the “Best Corporate Event Award”. This prestigious award involves four finalists that include Trucking Australia 2013 and will be awarded on the Australian Event Awards in Sydney on November 19.

As a new event for Australian Trucking Association (ATA), the “Best Corporate Event” title was established purposely for all members of the trucking industry. According to Stuart St Clair, ATA Chief Executive, this is to give all the members a chance for contribution to the trucking industry’s future. The event is held from June 21 through 22, 2013 in Hamilton Island.

In addition, St Clair said, “Trucking Australia 2013 was structured as an open meeting with sessions where delegates were invited to contribute to the industry’s approach to the carbon tax and road charges, safety, and getting more women and young people involved.”

“These action plans are now in motion as part of the ATA’s agenda. The ATA Council has ratified goals including providing useful career information to school counselors, working with governments for better speed management and enforcement, and ensuring that operators do not end up paying the state road agencies and the NHVR to do the same jobs.”

“Selling out three weeks before the event, Trucking Australia 2013 is a huge success for the trucking industry. In 2014, we’ll once again invite attendees to be part of shaping the industry’s future.”

Co-chair judge Johnny Allen of the Australian Event Awards said, “the finalist entries across all categories represented some of the most worthy achievements in an industry brimming with creativity, innovation and professional talent.”

“This Awards program now covers accolades for state of the art venues and services through to education and training programs. It celebrates our most talented event entertainers, achievements in design and production, in conferencing and exhibitions through to the most exacting execution of international sporting events,” said Johnny Allen, Foundation Director of the Australian Centre for Event Management.

“The 2013 finalists should all be proud of the invaluable contribution they are making to Australia’s highly successful events industry.”

Looking forward to next year’s Trucking Australia 2014, it will be held on the 6th and 7th of June 2014. This is Friday and Saturday, which await all Australian truckers in Hamilton Island.

Australian Best Corporate Event Title’s Judging Criteria Excerpts

The degree to which the event achieved the stated business outcomes (for example product launch, brand promotion, building client relationships, staff development, etc) (20%)

The degree to which the event reflected the culture and identity of the host organisation or brand (10%)

The degree to which the event accurately identified other customer/stakeholder groups and met their needs (10%)

Overall quality of the event delivered (10%)

The degree to which the event has utilised “best practice” techniques in all aspects of planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation (10%)

Effective event communication and promotion (10%)

The degree to which the event engaged in environmentally sustainable practices (5%)

The degree to which the event reflects corporate social responsibility (5%)

The degree to which the event has achieved innovation in relation to techniques, knowledge or practices (10%)

Longer term benefit to the industry, sector or the community in general (10%)

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