2013 Canadian Trucking Industry News — Truck World 2014

Canada’s national truck show, Truck World 2014, is one of Canada’s leading trucking events. It is set to take place at the Toronto International Center in Mississauga, Ontario. It will be held on April 10 2014, to April 12, 2014. It will be organized by Newcom Business Media Incorporated.

This event features all kinds and classes of trucks, with a primary focus on vocational trucks, chassis, medium duty, bodies, and service. It will offer new solutions, new ideas, and products for the trucking industry. 350 seminars, workshops, exhibitors, and special events will take place.

The event is sponsored by the Ontario Trucking Association.

The Ontario Trucking Association was founded in 1926. It provides services, and policy advocacies for trucking companies that haul freight within Ontario. Trucks that are a part of the OTA make up over two-thirds of all commercial truck trailers in the roads of Ontario. It employs over 70,000 men and women who work in the trucking industry. The OTA is the only trucking association in Ontario that covers all areas of the trucking industry: From private carriers, intermodal, to suppliers.

Companies that are members of the OTA come from every single province in Canada, and some from the United States. The Canadian companies vary from small or medium-sized operations, to some of the biggest enterprises in North America. Members of the OTA come from all divisions of the trucking industry. Hire-carriers and private carriers both belong to the OTA. This association also has a huge number of allied trades, which bring goods and services to the trucking industry.

The OTA has an experienced and professional staff that specializes in government relations, security, compliance, and communication, among others.

The OTA is the largest trucking association in Canada, and the third largest in North America. OTA is a member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the national trucking group of Canada. The CTA is a group of Canada’s biggest provincial trucking associations. The CTA represents a broad range of the trucking industry, with around 4,500 carriers, owner operators, and industry suppliers. Their head office is located in Toronto, with an operating office found in Ottawa, and provincial association offices in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal. They represent the viewpoint of the industry regarding many issues that affect trucking.

The trucking industry in Canada is a $65 billion dollar commerce. It employs 260,000 drivers, and around 400,000 Canadians overall. It is an industry that is made up of a diverse group of companies. Some of these said companies are large, but the industry is dominated by smaller and medium-sized companies, as well as independent operators.

These trucks move 90 percent of all consumer products within Canada, and almost two-thirds in the United States, which is Canada’s number one trading partner. Without these trucking companies, Canada will not be able to enjoy these consumer products. The industry employs around 40,000 people all over Canada, from communities large and small.

The Canadian Transportation Equipment Association promotes good quality in manufacturing vehicles due to the development of standard practices. They initiate and encourage programs in research and development in order to improve the designs and the component of their vehicles.


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