2013 Canadian Trucking News — Truckers for Change Airs Concerns Regarding Truckers and Charities

During the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA) conference, Truckers for Change aired certain concerns over the relationship of truckers and charities. The Trucks for Change founder and president, Pete Dalmazzi, gathered logistics companies all over Canada and matched them with registered charities attempting to move donations and materials.


“Almost all freight companies donate to charity,” Dalmazzi said.  “It’s time to think about how your company donates to charity.”


Dalmazzi and volunteers look for truckers with available capacity to move donations to reputable and registered charities across the country. On a weekly basis, the Truckers for Change works with Habitat for Humanity and food banks of Canada. Also, the organization is continuously providing support for the MS Society of Canada and other charities as well as the Canadian Red Cross. “We work with many different charities across the country,” said Dalmazzi.


At present, the Trucks for Change is deeming on a streamline requests from organizations, specifically fleets, in order to aid in efficiently transporting donations across the nation. “We facilitate charities, so they can receive their donations (promptly) – if they are unable to collect their donations, the goods (such as food, clothing or building supplies in the case of Habitat for Humanity) are routed directly to the dump,” Dalmazzi said. He added that their delivery process also has an impact on the environment due to a decrease in waste.


Moreover, Dalmazzi highlighted that Trucks for Change, as a non-profit organization, promotes a win-win situation between charities and fleets. “Fleets can use charitable contributions to build their brand,” said Dalmazzi. “We will put your name out there.”


Furthermore, Dalmazzi asserts that the efforts of Trucks for Change reflect a positive side of trucking operations. “This is a positive story we can tell about our industry, a story that reflects all the good work being done,” Dalmazzi said.


“We are growing exponentially as our adoption rate across the country picks up. We would like to eventually earn the endorsement of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association and have more companies join the program,” said Dalmazzi. “We want you to help us fill trucks so we can fulfill needs.”


Trucks for Change Excerpts


“Trucks For Change Network™ is a not-for-profit organization made up of members from across the transport logistics industry.  Our members are socially conscious trucking companies and private truck fleet operators who value and support the many great charities whose work makes our communities a better place to live”


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