2013 Global Trucking Industry News – Truck Driving May Lead to Prostate Cancer


It may seem like a plain job, but being a truck driver is no walk in the park. Even though a truck driver’s job is to just sit and drive their vehicle through long roads for several hours, it can still create a huge amount of stress for him. And with stress comes a whole myriad of health concerns that can affect the truck driver’s journey on the road. Most of these health issues are quite minor, and can be cured by drinking medicine, a visit to the doctor office, or even by taking a relaxing vacation. But there are more serious consequences–and one of these serious consequences is the risk of acquiring prostate cancer. Recently, there have been reports that discuss the possibility of truck driving as a main factor in the growth of cancer cells in the prostate. But is this proven?

Prostate cancer is defined as a type of cancer that forms in the men’s reproductive organs. In the United States, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men.

So what is the connection of truck driving to developing a life-threatening illness such as prostate cancer? How are these two conditions linked? According to L. Joseph Su of the National Cancer Institute, there are two possible reasons:

Immobility. A truck driver is required to stay on the road for a lengthy period of time. Truck engines, most especially the ones from older and used trucks, usually vibrate and bump while running. This can be a potential risk factor since the truck’s engine is located right next to a truck driver’s prostate.

Lifestyle and habits. Driving only needs minimal movement; therefore these drivers are far from being active. They have limited choices for their everyday meals, so there’s a possibility that the food that they consume isn’t giving them enough nutrients.

Prostate Cancer Prevention Advice

Dr. Su also mentions that truck drivers can stay away from this dreaded disease by starting, as well as maintaining, a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercise is a very important preventive measure. A lot of truck drivers fail to do work outs or to exercise regularly. Therefore, a stagnant and inactive body can cause congestion in the prostate. Truck drivers can also bring portable exercise equipments with them for convenience. Regular exercise can increase the circulation in the body, and brings fresh blood into the prostate. Truck drivers must have the will and commitment to exercise on a regular basis, for the good of their prostate glands.

Eating the right food greatly affects men’s prostate health. Fruits, vegetables and some herbs are a rich, good source of vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes, red peppers, and grapefruits all have high amounts of lycopene (a powerful anti-oxidant), which is an important natural substance in maintaining a healthy prostate.


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