2013 US Trucking Industry News – Truck Stop Opens in Missouri


Bosselman Companies has recently announced that it has opened the company’s newest truck stop location in Sullivan, Missouri, at Interstate 44, Exit 226.

This new truck stop is located adjacent to the Flying J Travel Plaza, in Highway East, Sullivan, Missouri. Charlie Bosselman, president of the Bosselman Companies and Boss Truck Shops Inc., has expressed his excitement to resume the expansion of their network of repair centers at Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers across the US.

A truck stop is a commercial facility which gives refuelling, rest, and food for motorists and truck drivers. Truck stops are usually found near a busy road. Smaller truck stops might only consist of a parking area, a diner, and a fueling station. Larger ones have a convenience store, showers, a video arcade, and even a small TV/movie theater. They also offer full-service maintenance facilities such as vehicle wash services, and motels. The world’s largest truck stop is the Iowa 80, found along interstate 80 off exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa.

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

There are now a total of 114 truck stops in 23 states. Charlie Bosselman has said that Boss Shops are working hard to broaden their footprint all across the country, and also in the truck repair business. The 44 strong branches of Boss Shops will benefit the existing customers, as well as new ones. The trucking industry is always looking for repair facilities that they can trust, in order to do their over-the-road work for them. After 65 years in the industry, Boss Shops are now fulfilling this need throughout the country.

Bosselman is a privately held company with over 1,200 employees. It is a family company that’s currently in its third generation. Bosselman has been a leader in community service. It has supported local companies through financial contributions, support of youth scholarships, events in the community, and volunteer efforts of its employees.

Boss Shops have been around since 1948. Charlie Bosselman’s uncle, Al Eaton, started with one shop in the old Lincoln Highway in Grand Island, Nebraska. He was joined by his brothers in law Fred Bosselman, Charlie Bosselman, Fred’s wife Maxine, and Eaton’s sister, Charlotte. Through the years, this location has developed a wonderful reputation for its delicious food and good service. In 1965, Fred Bosselman constructed the Bosselman Truck Plaza at the intersection of the new Interstate 80 and US Highway 281 at Grand Island. This location eventually became known as the “Truck Stop of Tomorrow” and has become a landmark on I-80, successfully serving its customers for over 50 years. Fred’s sons, daughters, and their spouses also got involved in the family business. The company grew and expanded into different ventures, such as convenience stores, more truck plaza locations, restaurants, lodging, and truck repair shops. Bosselman eventually divided into two entities, retail and energy.

Charlie Bosselman himself is thrilled and pleased to continue providing this quality, hometown service at Boss Shops across the USA, and to support the trucking industry as a whole.

Boss truck stops offer professional mechanics and roadside service, tire shops, oil changing services, maintenance, brakes, electrical, drive train and air conditioning repairs.


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