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How to Find an Oil Field Trucking Job?

If you want a job that has high pay, then working in the oil field is a good idea. All over the world, you can find oil industry jobs with high salary. These jobs are always available in places with a rich amount of oil and natural gas. Some of these job titles include deckhands, motor hands, pipeliner, roughnecks jobs, divers, explorers, and geophysicists.

Oil companies quickly run through workers at oil fields and offshore rigs. Being an oil worker can cause stress, is physically strenuous and risky. Not to mention that a worker will not be in contact with civilization for a long period of time, and has to get dirty quite often. On the other hand, it is a well-paying job, and can lead to high-paying jobs in the energy industry.

Roustabouts and roughnecks are two of the most common workers at oil fields. Both of them are untrained manual laborers. Workers should be capable of working 12 hours straight on a regular basis, and must be strong and cautious. Their job is to connect pipes together, operate heavy machinery, and do small-scale drilling.

What is an Oil Field?

A region with a huge amount of oil is called an oil field. An oil field can also be a place with tons of oil wells that extract crude oil, or petroleum, from the ground. These oil reservoirs can extend over large areas, so full exploitation of these reservoirs involves multiple wells that are scattered across the land. There are also exploratory wells that probe the edges, support facilities, and pipelines that carry the oil to other places.

Most of these oil fields are found in remote areas, far from civilization. It involves a large amount of logic to establish just one field. Including associated infrastructure is required, if going beyond drilling. For example, workers can stay in the oil field for several months or years, so they need to build houses for everyday shelter. And these houses also need electricity and water.

Locations of Some Oil Fields in the US

The Atlantis Oil Field – This is the third largest oil field in the Gulf of Mexico, estimated at around 600 barrels of oil.

Kern County – A county located in the Central Valley of California.

The Mid-continent Oil Field – Found in Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The Permian Basin – Sedimentary basin contained in the western part of Texas.

Prudhoe Bay – A census-designated place found in Alaska.

North Dakota- The Bakken has emerged in recent years as one of the most important sources of oil in the United States.

oilfield USA

oilfield USA

Oil reservoirs are found buried deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Oil companies install rigs in areas that are rich with this valuable natural resource, in order to extract the crude oil from oil fields. The oil is then sent away for refining. Workers at oil fields construct, service, maintain these oil rigs, or support the employees. Some workers focus on the exploration and imagery of the business by looking for new sources of oil and mapping new oil reservoirs.


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