2013 US Trucking News — BigCat Trucker Motivates His Viewers

Despite the ruckus and turmoil going on in America, BigCat  Trucker says “hit the bathroom!” in his latest video captioned Motivation (LaceUp part 31), where Rick Sylvester aka BigCat  Trucker is trying to motivate his viewers from the bathroom.

BigCat must be referring to the latest fad in trucking industry , the trucker to shutdown America, which was reported to be a flop or dubbed as “bust” on its first day on October 11. This shutdown had caused the White house to shut all public places and other services.

Well, what BigCat Trucker wants to really tell his viewers is that he is “all about inspiring a motivation”. “I want to encourage you. I want to encourage you. I want to lift you up. I want to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. With that, I am encouraging your spirit.”

“Not in a day, a lot is going on in America. I mean a lot is going on with the government. A lot is going on everywhere. It seems there is a lot going on around the world and that is just enough to keep a person like me and you down. “

“A person like you decided to keep doing what you got to do and try to go to that next level. You are seeing all this turmoil and now this depressing going on around the world. Sometimes you can look at that, you can just get off the track. You can get out, and you can lose focus. We do not want to lose focus right here. We got to stay on track. “
BigCat emphasized that to stay motivated, whatever you are doing, “hit the bathroom!” In this way, you will not be distracted with the noise, especially with what is happening around. Plus, “You get the best up in the bathroom.”
One lesson BigCat wants to impart his viewers to become the best they can be is to “practice being the best”. “A perfect practice makes perfect. So even if you are out there practicing on your gig, practicing on your book, or whatever it is out there, you got to make sure that you are practicing the way you want to perform. You got to get used to being the best! You want to be successful with what you are doing; you got to have a successful practice.”

Rick Sylvester, aka BigCat is born and raised in Houston, Texas. He wants to show the world how to do it  BIG on the road or off the road. To do this, he mixed up his truck driving job with adventure making videos as he went around places. Most of is videos are full of laughs and advice on living life to the fullest. With his “Go big or go home” attitude, he was later appointed by Swift Transport as a spokesman to reach out to bigger audiences.
He started chronicling his whole journey in 2009, which caught the attention of numerous viewers including other truckers. Check him out on Twitter or watch his YouTube channel, The BigCat Trucker Show.

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