2013 US Trucking News — Former Trucker Couple Accused of Murder

Gerald Uden and his wife Alice, both former truckers were arrested for murdering their spouses many years back. A preliminary hearing was ordered for Wednesday, September 16th at 9 a.m. Gerald Uden is charged with three counts of First Degree Murder.

According to the report, in Riverton, Wyoming., Gerald Uden had his first appearance in Fremont County’s Ninth District Circuit Court late Monday afternoon of September 16 for the murder case. He is 71 years old at present and was accused of a triple murder 33 years back.

Gerald Uden sitting alone

While his case is read aloud by Circuit Court Judge Wesley A. Roberts, Uden sits at the defendant table alone showing no emotions at all. Three murder charges were read to the court, alleging that 33 years ago (1980) Uden had murdered his whole family. The murder deaths included Uden’s wife Virginia, who is 32 years old at the time of the crime. In addition to the victims were Virginia’s two children Richard, 12 years old and Reagan who is 10 at that time. Alleges read aloud also added that the defendant disposed the victims’ bodies and has not been found till today.

On September 27, Gerald Uden was arrested in Chadwick, Missouri through an investigation. The cold case investigation was conducted by Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Fremont and Albany County Sheriff’s Departments.

According to the documents submitted to the court, Uden confessed his crime to an investigator. The investigation took place at his home on Friday. In Uden’s confession, he said that on September 13, 1980, he took his wife and two children to a place near Pavillion and shoots them to death using a .22 caliber rifle. The said weapon was bought by Virginia for the whole family to go bird hunting. Uden then allegedly told the investigator about the location of the bodies.

Three months after Uden’s family disappeared, Virginia’s 1973 Ford station wagon was found near Dickinson Park southwest of Fort Washakie. The vehicle was found containing blood, which was later said to be from Virginia. The place was extensively searched for the three bodies, but to no avail.

During the investigation and search for the mother and her two children, the case was inconclusive, although some “items of interest” were submitted as evidence. The evidence was brought to the Wyoming State Crime Lab for analysis. Fremont County Coroner’s Sherrif department led the investigation of the murder case against Gerald Uden while working with students from the University of Wyoming’s Anthropology Department in sifting soil at the site. The investigation also included Uden’s last hoe in 2008 west of Midvale on Williams Road. The house was fully searched to seek anything that would link to the disappearance of the three victims.

In the same district on September 27, Alice, Uden’s current wife was also arrested last week with the same accusation. Alice, 74 years old, is charged with murdering her previous husband in Albany Country. Alice’ former husband, Ronald Holtz, 25 years old, disappeared in 1974 which is three months after the couple got married. Last month, Holtz’s remains were found in an abandoned mine site in Laramie Country. He was located with a gun shot in the head.

The two were said to be living together in Chadwick, Missouri and were said to be both former truckers. According to information gathered about them, they rarely spend time at home due to being both long-haul truckers.

During the first hearing last Monday, Circuit Court Judge Wesley A. Roberts asked Uden if he has the resources to hire his own attorney, and he replied, “I wouldn’t  have the resources any way…” The judge then advised him not to reveal any more information until he is represented by a lawyer. However, Uden continued talking, and his statement brought out further reaction from the judge. He said, “I had given my youngest step daughter the power of attorney, my property is all under her control and I directed her not to use anything from my 106 acre farm on my defense.”

Judge Roberts interrupted Uden that he denied having resources but now revealed that he truly has. He further added, if he was able to issue a Power of Attorney to his step daughter, then the more that he has the ability to use his resources to hire a lawyer “if his resources were that great and if it was available. Uden continued to say, “I was really hoping I wouldn’t… but it sounds like…”
Further, Judge Roberts reminded Uden that “A public defender is for people who are indigent, if you have resources you cannot have a public defender, and you have said you have resources.”

As the hearing went on, Fremont County and Prosecuting Attorney Michael Bennett said the murders “were planned and they were kicked off over a ruse over going bird hunting and that in the defendants own words, he got them (the victims) to bring along the murder weapon.”
Bennett continued and said, the evidence gathered together with the facts is strong or “great.” Due to this, the state “had met the burden to deny bail.”

An interview conducted by Country 10.com with its lead reporter Joshua Scheer with Attorney Michael Benett occurred earlier on Monday. Benett said to the reporter that he had encountered the case of Uden in Wyoming District while on a shopping trip exactly at Uden’s day of arrest. He added that he had known of the cold case before. When the arrest was on, Bennett said he and Deputy County Attorney Pat LeBrun began drawing up the charges.

Under Rule 46.1a, rules for a Capital Case in which the sentence is life imprisonment or death, Bennett requested for a denial of bail for Uden. However, when decision-making arrived, Judge Robert said, “I conclude it is appropriate that no bond be set.” Roberts said “there was proof evident” to support the allegations in the affidavit.

Uden left the court in handcuffs and leg chains and to be transported back to the district’s detention center in Lander.

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