2013 US Trucking News — Go By Trucks Automated “Free Market” Freight Technology

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On October 21, Go By Truckss launched its automated freight system, which looks into several carrier concerns involving shipment locating processes, immediate carrier payment systems, carrier safety verification protocols, invoicing, freight finding systems, accessorial handling, driver updates, auditing, freight transacting and so on. The automated innovation of Go By Trucks allows freight transactions to maintain the speed necessary to transact the nation’s billions in freight volume, all while removing the embedded costs currently associated with these freight transactions.


The official launch was on November 2013, but it has been pre-launched earlier. Included in the pre-launch was for carriers to pre-register and join the Go By Truckss Network. The co-owner of Go By Truckss Inc., Dawn Strobel said, “It was never as simple as saying ‘A’ should connect with “B” and they’ll all work it out. Billing, invoicing, accessorials, problems in route… it all had to be a part of the plan.”


For the features of this automated freight system, Go By Truckss includes a technology that promotes carrier safety to the trucking industry. While transacting to Go By Truckss, every carrier is systematically verified. In the process, the automation of the system offers truckers daily safety checks, which are performed on every carrier that takes part in the network. It ensures that all participants gain continued assurance of safety and compliance.


Another feature of this innovation is that it tackles the most tedious and time consuming side of freight transactions. In addition, it internally automates all freight invoicing and auditing, and this allows immediate carrier payment upon delivery. The provided internal banking system gives both shippers and carriers a rapid system for shipment payment and release never before used in the freight industry.


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Go By Trucks comes to the marketplace with several pieces of proprietary technology – One of which allows carriers to find freight at a rapid rate, taking advantage of the Network’s available shipment data and matching the freight to a carrier’s specific trailer type, parameters and space availability through no effort of the carrier themselves. Carriers simply input which trailer they’re using from their fleet and their location(s), and exact-match available shipments will be presented, saving carriers countless hours in freight finding.




Go By Trucks also introduced a new way of locating shipments and drivers, the first system designed to provide precise location details without “tracking” historical positioning. With the Go By Trucks Locating application installed on a driver’s mobile device, carriers can easily locate their drivers current position, while shippers can pinpoint their shipment’s exact location.


Go By Trucks’s freight network automation has not diminished the need for the uncompromising, superior customer service that users will come to expect from Go By Trucks. Kevin Hiller, co-owner of Go By Trucks, Inc. explained, “We realize that the human element is and always will be an essential in transportation, but it should be there to assist, not to control.”


Go By Trucks ignited the trucking industry online through its social media channels with a Facebook following of more than 90,000 fans and more than 7,000 LinkedIn followers all awaiting the much anticipated technology. Go By Trucks’s Driver Rewards program will become available early this month (November 2013), allowing any driver with a valid CDL to receive cash when shippers use their referral code upon sign up. Shipper sign up is expected to begin in late November, 2013.


For more information about Go By Trucks, Inc. or to schedule an interview, please contact co-owners Dawn Strobel or Kevin Hiller.




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