2013 US Trucking News — Sistersville Recorder vs Jeff Christner

At the Sistersville Council meeting on October 15, a UPS employee together with a Sistersville recorder was both present and had exchange about a complaint. Jeff Christner, a Paden City resident and local United Parcel Service (UPS) employee, came present to the meeting to demand an apology from Recorder Julie Schleier. With Christner is a copy of compliant against Recorder Schleier, and that he demands an apology in the form of a letter signed by the Recorder and the others concerned.

According to UPS employee Christner, Recorder Schleier called on September 17 complaining to Christner’s office about an alleged action that he did against his company. “For the record, I’m not here representing the parcel service in any capacity. I’m here tonight about a complaint that was called into the customer service department (of UPS) by City Recorder Schleier. The complaint states that I shared information on Facebook with my friends about things I overheard in the city building. That is 100 percent not true. What I would like is for council to take action to assure that this does not happen again. I would also like an apology in the form of a letter on city letterhead, signed by city recorder and members of the council, being that you are responsible for her actions,” says Christner.

Christner said that the calling incident occurred on September 17 at Twenty past two in the morning. He continued to say that the early morning phone call could have had him terminated as a regular employee, or yet worse might happen. He explained that there were no disciplinary actions taken, but he was informed about what happened.

As a response, Recorder Schleier said that she did not know who Christner was. She knew nothing about Christner and all she knows is that he is merely a UPS driver. She continued to state that she was logged on to Facebook looking at some comments. “We are in the middle of a lawsuit and a state trooper investigation. When I read some of the comments on Facebook, I went and checked to see who they were. When I saw you, I was shocked to see that you were one of the ones on there commenting,” Schleier said.

Schleier went on and stated that what she said on her phone call was “Is it appropriate for a UPS driver to comment on things he might be overhearing in a business?” and she also said that she was not up at two-twenty in the morning to make phone calls. In addition, she goes to work 7:45.

After several exchanges from the two, Christner read the complaint he was holding, which contains the exact words of Schleier on the recorded phone call. “That her driver overheard information at the city building when he made deliveries and he shared this information with his friends on Facebook,” he said.

The exchange ended with Christner saying that he would like a written apology signed by Schleier and the council and everything will be dropped. “We will look into it,” Mayor Doig said.

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