2013 US Trucking News — Tidewater Transit and MCO Transport Nabbed 2013 Volvo Trucks Safety Award

During the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition, Volvo Trucks has given outstanding recognition to two of its consumers who are considered the safest. Each of the trucking company received $25,000 to further promote activities that are safety related.


The 2013 Volvo Trucks Safety Award marked the 5th year of the annual awards and is supported by Michelin America Truck Tires, which was among the primary sponsors of the event.

Both Tidewater Transit Co. of Kinston, NC and MCO Transport of Wilmington, NC won the Volvo Trucks Safety Award in the “over 20 million miles” category. “Tidewater Transit and MCO Transport have made safety a top priority, and their outstanding performance reflects that commitment,” said Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “Like Volvo, the winners of this year’s award understand the importance of integrating safety into every facet of their operations.”
Tidewater Transit Co


The Tidewater Transit Corporation of Kinston, N.C. began its operation in 1949. Throughout the eastern seaboard and gulf areas, the family-owned company operates a total of 360 trucks. Primarily, Tidewater Transit CO. hauls both dry and liquid materials, which include everything from plastic pellets to sulfuric acid. In relation to safety, the company has a record of 31,649,340 miles for its loggings. While on the road, Tidewater Transit recorded a frequency rate of just .25 in 2012.
Being a safety advocate, Tidewater Transit developed a special program for every new driver in the company, which is called the “Top Gun” program. In this program, every new company driver goes through the “Top Gun” training where they are paired with another driver. The new hire’s partner is called the “Top Gun” trainer who will oversee and facilitate the training in full. The full training aims to ensure that new company drivers acquire sufficient knowledge and skills required to operate safely on the road.


Furthermore, Tidewater Transit honors its drivers who practice utmost safety measures while on the job. Recognition is delivered through a cash bonus on a quarterly basis. Aside from cash bonuses, safe drivers also receive plaques and certificates, and these are given to deserving drivers during an event held at the company, which is accompanied by the presence of their families.
“Safety goes to the very core of what we do. We have to be safe in this industry,” said John McNairy, Tidewater Transit chairman and CEO. “We have a program called the seconds program – what can happen in a second. You can live or die in a second, you can be maimed or you can be healthy, you can be a company that’s prosperous or one that’s on the brink of falling apart, all in a second.”

MCO Transport


Meanwhile, the other 2013 Volvo Trucks Safety Awardee, MCO Transport was established in 1975 and serves as a carrier of commodities. It transports containers of commodities to and from local ports. As they grew, they now offer warehousing and transportation services not only locally, but also to other clients throughout the region and the nation as a whole.


The MCO Transport of Wilmington, N.C. is operating a fleet of 88 trucks. For its safety records, MCO Transport has logged 5,976,962 miles with an amazing record of .167 accident rate in 2012. In other words, MCO Transport has incurred only one accident last year.
How does MCO Transport demonstrate at most safety? The trucking company implements a multidimensional method in promoting safety among its drivers. Its approach to safety is enclosed by clearly defined procedures and policies. In addition, they strongly mandate a meeting, which is held on a quarterly basis and it clenches to safety as its major agenda.


How about recognition for its outstanding drivers? Well, the MCO Transport CO. also holds a special recognition program for their truck drivers. MCO Transport gives recognition to its safest drivers. Specifically, company drivers who record a zero violation usually shine during recognition days. Their shining moments take place during roadside DOT inspections.
“Safety is of prime importance to MCO Transport – it’s our number one goal. We’ve made it part of our culture,” said Danny McComas, MCO Transport president. “This award is a culmination of all our effort after many years. It’s confirmation of the fact that you can run a trucking operation and always be safe.”


The MCO Transport Co. director for safety, Bill Etheridge, during the event imparted some of the company’s safety initiatives. According to Etheridge, they put a program in place that will thoroughly track critical events where  their truck drivers can also report the main details of these incidents.


“If a driver consistently has a problem with hard brakes, maybe you need to earmark him for additional training,” says Etheridge.” In addition, “we have a program to incentivize drivers to inspect their equipment, and that’s gone a long way toward improving our CSA score.”


The annual Volvo Trucks award recognizes all motor carriers in the US and Canada with more than five Class 8 trucks, considering that at least one of those Class 8 trucks is a Volvo. With this requirement, truckers are eligible to apply for the annual awards. Winning fleets are determined based on their accident frequency rates, using the US Department of Transportation definition of a “recordable accident,” and their safety and accident prevention programs.


About Volvo Trucks


Since its foundation in 1927, Volvo Trucks had been strongly advocating safety. Having safety as their core value, Volvo has pioneered the three-point seat belt. Today, it manufactures its own trucks with high level of steel strength for its compartments or cabs. To ensure more safety for Volvo truck drivers, the company provides a standard airbag on the driver’s side that offers an enhanced and stable technology for collision avoidance. Moreover, to reduce driver fatigue, Volvo integrated the automated I-Shift transmission manual, one of its standard features, which further promotes safety among the truck drivers. The I-Shift transmission manual also allows drivers to give fuller attention in maneuvering the vehicle.



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