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Trucking Jobs: Truck Driver Shortage A Myth?

Especially over the past couple of years in particular, there has been a great debate over the issue of truck driving jobs and a shortage, in America more than anywhere else. Not only are longtime drivers retiring or quitting their job and going elsewhere to find work, but the low pay and long hours are […]

Why Trucking Companies want young Truck Drivers

Why do Big Trucking Companies prefer young truck drivers they can train,  Instead of older drivers that need no training?     Big carriers are more willing to hire younger drivers than they have been in the past. Faced with high turnover and an excess of positions to fill, those companies that were once hesitant to give […]

My New CDL Job

                                                I’m back to work driving       I took eight months off work to live in the Philippine’s, and work on this website. I came back to the states on January 9th It’s now January 30th. When I first got back I started searching right away for the best paying CDL job’s In Indiana […]

Directory of Ohio Truck Driving Schools

Aberdeen: Allied Training Systems Address: 2471 US Rte 52, Aberdeen, Ohio 45101 Phone: 877-245-5320 Akron: Career Driving & Learning Center Address: 1350 Kelly Ave, Akron, Ohio 44306 Phone: 330-785-9909 Brooklyn: Big Rig Truck Driving School Address: 8800 Clinton Rd , Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 Phone: 330-456-4571 Canton: Big Rig Truck Driving School Address: 2230 Shepler Church […]

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