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Truck crashes caught on camera

2013 Australian Trucking News — Concerns of Trucking Industry Authorities Over Truck Maintenance and Self-Regulation

A Cootes Transport crash last week has awakened concerns over Truck maintenance and Self-regulation. During the wake of the crash, maintenance accreditation and industry self-regulation were brought out.   If trucks were found failing on the regulations over safety on the roads, the community will lose its trucks over the industry, as emphasized by Stuart […]

2013 US Trucking News — New Wallwork Kenworth Truck Center Location

Wallwork Kenworth has moved its parts facility to a more accessible and larger location, in order to provide its customers with a wider parts inventory and an additional parking place. It has moved 5 miles south from its previous location with an area of 2.5 acres just off Exit 54 from US Interstate 94.   Kenworth […]

2013 Canadian Trucking News — 6-Part Conversation with Mike McCarron

  Mike McCarron, former owner of MSM Transportation, will team up with Doug Nix of M&A on October 16. Last year in a movie, despite business success, McCarron at 52 years old sold MSM for $18.6 million to Wheels Group. Below is a 6-part interview with McCarron concerning the selling of MSM during the Surface […]

2013 US Trucking News — Operation Smile Receives Donations

  Shell Oil and Swift Transport worked in harmony with the same goal of helping Operation Smile. In the morning of October 15, Shell Oil arrived with its first set of tractor-trailer rigs for their housewarming preset for Operation Smile. The big rigs were filled with décor and decommissioned executive office furniture. The housewarming present […]

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