Truck drivers Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, and food. But for most truck driver’s Christmas can be a lonely time. During the holiday most truckers work. If we are not working we are thinking about work. The day’s before Christmas truck driver’s are in a rush trying to make it home. While most passenger cars can drive as long as it takes to get to grandma’s house, truck driver’s only have a limited amount of driving time to get there. Yes some of us push it and falsify our log books 1 extra hour just to make it home for the holiday’s. So remember this when you’re traveling down the road, and you cut off a big rig just to get a little extra time!! Also most of us can’t get home for one reason or another. Have you ever spent Christmas alone in a truck at a truck stop?  Well most of truckers have done this. Here is one story from my friend who spent Christmas on the road enjoy.

My worst Christmas

By Robert Lehman at 03:44 PM, 22-Dec-11

A friend of mine tweeted about truckers missing Christmas. So I thought I’d wright about my least favorite Christmas.
There I was, five days before Christmas in Phoenix AZ. About five hundred miles away from what was home at the time. Santa Maria CA. The company I was working for had me run down to Nogales AZ. For a load of medical supplies going to Sandy UT.
I’m like, “kiss my ass, you know I’m not getting home from the Salt Lake area. But they assured me I’d be home for Christmas wink
So after I delivered to Sandy I’m told they didn’t have anything to get me home surprised Really now. Who guessed that one.
Then they say “go to Green River WY. And pick up a load to Irvine CA. Delivering on December 26th at 6 am sad So to make a long story short. I spent Christmas at a Pilot truck stop in Hesperia CA. 250 miles from the house, just totally pissed.
Needless to say, I don’t work there anymore. But the problem is that most trucking companies are exactly the same. They’ll say “without the customer you wouldn’t have a job” Sure that’s true. But without a driver neither would you, you jackass.

“You said it Brother” GT


Truckers Christmas

I remember one holiday season i was in Boston just 4 days from Christmas. I was picking up a load at a drop yard headed for home (Indiana) when i met another trucker who was spending his Christmas right there!! His company could not get him a load home or a load to keep him working on Christmas. So he had to wait until the day after Christmas to get a load. There are no Truck Stops in Boston so he had no where to go!! He talked with security, and they agreed in the spirit of Christmas (sarcasm)  to lock him in the yard alone for 2 days until after Christmas. Another time i was stuck in Laredo, Texas a 7 days before Christmas when my company got me a plane ticket home then back to my truck after Christmas. Most of the big companies will do this for their drivers now. My very first year as an over the road truck driver i worked for a small company hauling flatbeds. Being a small company every time i fueled i had to call the dispatcher for a com check number to pay for the fuel. The dispatcher was also the owner’s wife. Well just 3 days before Christmas i was trying to get home when i ran out of fuel in Green Bay, Wi. I tried to get her on the phone with no luck. They went to Florida for Christmas, and figured i had enough fuel to make it home to Indiana. It was also my fault as a rookie Trucker to not make sure i had enough fuel. But here i was no fuel no money to get fuel, and scared because if my truck ran out i would not be able to idle, and keep warm. I would freeze to death. I was just a kid at 21 years old, and lost on what to do. So i begged, and asked everybody at the Truck Stop but nobody could help me. So what i did im ashamed of but it had to be done. I left him a note to pay him back but he never called me. I got just enough fuel to make it home to Indiana Then i quit, and went to work for M.S. Carrier’s Remeber them? I worked for them 5 years until Swift killed us. Anyways those are some of my stories about Christmas as a trucker. Now im fortunate enough to have a local truck driving job where im home every holiday. Im sure many of you have similar stories so share them with us in the comment section of this post. Take care my friends stay safe, and go home to your family this Christmas. Gonzotrucker

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