A Truckers job

“A truckers job”

 Entail’s driving  long hours away from home a lot”.  Dealing with traffic and all types of weather conditions.  Sitting long hours at a loading dock waiting to be loaded and unloaded!  “A trucker’s job”   eating junk food because you have no time to sit down and eat a proper meal.  “Dealing with the dispatcher’s and freight broker’s who only care about making money for them self”,  or their  company. 
“A trucker’s job”  finding a place to park and sleep when there is very little parking and they have been driving for 11 hours already, and you just want to “sleep”!!.  Getting that call something is wrong at home and your 40 hours away at the time!  Delivering your load then going to the truck stop to wait on your next dispatch that will come two days later.  “Breaking down on the side of the road and waiting three hours for a repair truck.”  that will take another hour to fix a flat, then you still have to drive ( ten ) hours more because the breakdown happened at the begining of your trip.  “A trucker’s job”   finding a place to sleep after hours of searching!  Only to be woken up by a security officer telling you to move or get a “ticket”.
  Getting pulled into a weigh station or “department of transportation checkpoint”,  and spending two hours getting drilled and inspected.  Then getting a ticket for a log book violation that happened over a week ago!!  “A trucker’s job”  now you have a load and no empty trailer to go and get it so you spend all day bob tailing around looking for one!!.  Then wow i found an empty trailer now i will do a pre trip inspection on it and go?  Shit on the pre trip you discover the trailer has a flat tire ah!.  Getting lost even if you have a GPS unit it does not always work ho ho keep an atlas always in the truck.  Ever try to turn  “around a 60′ foot tractor trailer on a city street?  
When you realize you’re going the wrong way?  Or there is a low bridge ahead?  Driving in a blinding snow storm, ice storm, or monsoon type rains?  With all the cars around you doing dumb maneuvers trying to get run over.    “A trucker’s job”  after waiting six hours for a load now you get one and then you have to go get loaded two hours then drive eleven more hours to get to your destination only to be told we “can’t unload you until tomorrow”  and you can’t park here!!!   Still want   “a truckers job” ?.    GONZOTRUCKER

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