All About Ice Road Truckers

Although the average person does not think about the job of an ice road trucker, there was enough interest to create a reality television show about it. The History Channel aired the show Ice Road Truckers to educate audiences on commercial truck drivers who have to cross frozen roads and lakes through Canada and Alaska in the winter seasons.


Before Ice Road Truckers became a reality television show, it was a special on the History Channel series Suicide Missions . This episode received positive ratings and reviews, so the History Channel created a show based off of it in 2006. The show has seven seasons and continues to run.



Hugh Rowland: Rowland is a big and burly veteran of the ice-road trucking business. He owns his own company, R and R Hoe Service, which is based in British Columbia. He drives one truck, while three of his employees drive the other three. Within the first season, all three of his drivers left for various reasons. Hugh has been on the show for all seven seasons, and will continue being on the show.

Alex Debogorski: Alex is also a veteran ice road trucker. Although Alex left early in season two because of an illness, he returned and is still a cast member.

Lisa Kelley: Lisa was a school bus driver and motocross champion before she became an ice road trucker. She joined the show in season three, left for season six, and returned in season seven. She is currently the only female cast member.

Darrell Ward: Darrell is from Montana and joined the show in season six. He put his 31 years of highway truck driving to the test on ice roads.

Art Burke: Art joined in season seven to help Hugh with his trucks. He is from Yellowknife and has some experience as an ice road trucker from driving the diamond mine ice roads.

Todd Dewey: Season seven is Todd’s first season as well as his first time as an ice road trucker. He originally drove trucks in Washington.

Joey Barnes: Joey is from Manitoba. Season seven was his first season.

The Goals

In each episode, the ice road truckers have to haul supplies and equipment across a series of frozen lakes and roads. In the first season, the truckers were hauling supplies from Yellowknife, Canada to a diamond mine north of Yellowknife. The primary goal for the first and third seasons was to collect the most money from hauling supplies. In season two, the truckers had to work alongside more experienced truckers in the Canadian northeastern territories. In seasons three and four, the series focused on the Dalton highway in Alaska. In season five, the truckers were split into two groups: one stationed in Alaska, the other in Canada. Season six split up the group further to focus on Manitoba roads, while season seven focused only on Manitoba.

Average Salary of an Ice Road Trucker

The average salary of an ice road trucker is about 150,000 dollars per season, but this can vary, depending on number of loads, destination, and load size.

Ice Road Truckers follows a small group of truck drivers who have to take on the frozen roads. Although the job pays well, it is a very dangerous job. Whoever is interested in the life of an ice road trucker should watch this show.

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