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Trucker Steve

Trucker Steve

Trucker Steve went missing in 2010. Many messages in Twitter, Facebook, and even the comments in Trucker Steve’s YouTube channel are full of several followers saying that they missed his videos and his helpful articles for his co-truck drivers.



In this video, Steve assured his followers that he is alright. Trucker Steve also announced that everyone has to be on the lookout for more upcoming videos and posts from him.


Who is Trucker Steve anyway? Well to start with, Stephen “Trucker Steve” Adams is a 16-year truck driver veteran. He is also a film-maker and an entrepreneur. Also, he loves being a truck driver and does many things that make his truck driving adventures fun, healthy and inspiring to others.


As he drives his truck, he makes videos on the move and posts them on his YouTube channel. Found in his videos are the adventures that come with the life of a truck driver, tips on how to cope with being a trucker and many other themes. In addition, his Facebook page is also very active with many followers, and so with his Twitter page. Aside from these things, he also has a Trucker Steve Blog with posts that offer helpful tips for his fellow truck drivers.


Steve became a social media enthusiast after undergoing difficulties with family issues. He was in the middle of a divorce, which was primarily due to the nature of his job. At the same time, his mother was suffering from cancer, and his dad has diabetes. These made him want to give up trucking. During this time, his dad, who felt ashamed of not being able to provide for his family, said, “the trucking way of life is a huge sacrifice, you give up your personal life so others can have theirs.”


After that, then-boom! Steve started making private videos and later shared it to the world. To this date, his social media pages have been gathering so much attention.


What I liked so much about his YouTube videos was the Truck Driving SuperHERO series (Part 1, 2 and 3). Most importantly, he inspires not only truck drivers, but also followers who have nothing to do with truck driving whatsoever by saying “You can either overcome life’s obstacles or be stuck by them. After seeing my father laying in that hospital bed it was at that point I realized I cannot be a victim of life any more. I knew I need a change and a needed it like yesterday.”



His latest video called “Truckers: Got Skill?” was created with a goal in mind, which is “…to raise the image and wages of the professional truck driver, and to bring back respect to an industry filled with highly skilled men and women who have lost respect with legislators and the general motoring public.”


He further added, “Help me in sharing this message with as many people as you can and maybe “together” we can make a difference, if the right people see this!”


Steve’s lates video


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