This happened to me two years ago.  I was going west on I-10 mile marker 80, near Tonopah, Arizona.   When I heard on the CB radio that a four wheeler was going the wrong way on the shoulder.  He was going west on the eastbound side,  then he crossed over onto the westbound side.  He passed me then cut in front of me,  and started to slow down.  So I changed lanes, and he did to every time slowing down until we came to a stop.  Then he jumped out of the car,  and onto my running board.  He was now trying to open my door,  so I put it in 6th gear,  and started to drive  around his car.  He was still hanging on at 45 mph,  the other truckers were telling me on the CB radio,  gonzotrucker you’re going to run him over!   At this point I did not care if I ran him over,  I was afraid for my life.  Who know’s  what he wanted?  I reached 55mph when he fell off, and bounced off the road.  He jumped up ran across the Interstate,  and jumped in the back of a pickup that was stopped on the shoulder. The pickup driver took off down the shoulder,  and called the police.  When they arrived,  and arrested him they found out he was on meth.  He thought people were chasing him!  Well that was my adventure that year Ho Ho!!   GONZOTRUCKER

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