American Truckers In The Middle East

American Truckers In The Middle East

Truckers are the very heart of the country.  Without the transportation of goods provide by the trucker the country would be brought to a standstill.  These men and women work long hours in every type of bad weather imaginable to deliver the goods so that other can enjoy their holidays at home with the family.  When you stop at the grocery store to pick up food for the family, 99.9% of the food you place on the table has been transported on a truck.  Truckers transport needed medication to pharmacies and equipment to hospitals.  They often sacrifice time with family and spend more nights on the road than at home with the wife and kids.  When fuel prices cut into your family’s budget, they cut into the trucker’s income.  These proud men and women are servants of the consumers of the world.

Although the roads and highways of the US are often difficult to navigate and the job is difficult, there is another breed of trucker that has to deal with the same problems of domestic truckers in far more extreme conditions.  Consider the American trucker working in the Middle East.  These drivers work in war zones to ensure that fuel is available for your commute to work and to supply the troops fighting to ensure freedom.

While the job is dangerous and can be very lonely, there are some advantages for truckers in the Middle East.  In most cases, the pay is excellent.  In a year’s time, the average trucker working in the area will bring home $150,000.  In a short time, the trucker can pay off a home and car as well as the kid’s education and stack some cash back for retirement.  This salary is more than many college graduates will draw in three years.  On top of that, the first $90,000 are free of income tax, something that college graduate is not going to see.  While the job is dangerous, the salary is high.

A Middle East trucker can find work with little experience.  Two to three years experience driving in these hazardous conditions can prepare the trucker for practically anything he would find on the highways of the USA.  The experience can lead to jobs back in the States that may not pay as well as working in the Middle East, but are much less hazardous and somewhat easier on family life.

Jobs are available in several of the Middle Eastern countries.  These include the United Arabic Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait.  The basic climate of all Middle Eastern countries is characterized by hot and dry conditions.  Winter month can be mild and there may be rain.  However, in the mountains of northern Iraq, Iran and eastern Turkey, the winters can be severe.  Weather along the Arabian Peninsula is hotter and drier than anywhere else in the world.  Strong seasonal winds pick up sand from the deserts making sand storms frequent occurrences.  During the summer, these winds blow toward the interior of the land mass but in the winter, they blow away from the land.  In the North, these winds can bring cold air from Siberia bringing a small amount of rain and snow in the coastal region.  Summer temperatures average 85 degrees, but often break the century mark.  Baghdad has a record high of 120 degrees, but in the desert, higher temperatures are common.  These weather conditions can be hard on the trucker as well as the equipment.

The trucker’s job is to haul freight of all types.  Some truckers transport tankers while others transport rail container.  As seen above, the weather conditions can be very hot and truckers are often expected to drive without air conditioning.  In addition, many of the deliveries will be to areas, which have no roads.  Most truckers sleep in tents with their employer providing their food.  The Muslim values mean that the trucker will have no access to alcohol and there are no women.

The trucker in the Middle East faces many dangerous.  These include landmines that will explode on contact, snipers attempting to prevent your deliveries and contact with numerous terrorists.  In some instances, the trucker has discovered his fellow driver is a terrorist.  With nerves of steel, these extreme truckers can make a lot of money by completing a one-year contract.

Those working in the Middle Eastern oilfield are expected to transport supplies to and from job sites.  The job site may be a remote location where companies are exploring for oil and natural gas.  At times, the trucker is asked to transport volatile and flammable materials.  At other times, the driver is asked to transport the drilling rig and assist in the setup.  If selected as the water truck driver, you will pick up and deliver water to the drilling site.  Gravel truck drivers deliver gravel and rocks that will be used in lining a pipeline corridor.  When explosives are needed, the explosive delivery driver, also known as a suicide jockey, transports and unloads these devices.  Other drivers will deliver drilling pipe, food and other supplies to the jobsite.

Even experienced truckers will find the hazards added by driving a truck in the dangerous Middle East can make the job more challenging.  Before applying for these jobs, drivers should consider the dangers, lack of social interaction and separation from family.  Working in these foreign countries with limited contact to family can be difficult at best.  In addition, the stress of working in war torn countries and surrounded by terrorist is not for everyone.  Not everyone is able to work in the extreme temperature without air conditioning.  The rewards include high pay with few expenses as the company provides food and housing (tent) for the driver.  The basic job is still to ensure that goods are delivered from where they are produced or arrive by ship or rail to where they will be used.  Regardless of the extreme weather conditions, war or terrorists, the trucker working in the Middle East must ensure the load is delivered.

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