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Becoming an Australian road train truck driver can be an exciting and enriching experience for any individual. This can be an ideal employment option if you are an independent individual that enjoys travel and doesn’t mind long hours driving. If you are able to think on your feet in almost any situation and you can handle additional responsibilities, such as repairing your truck if it breaks down, you may be well-suited for the job. The following information will tell you everything you need to know about how to be a truck driver Australien road trains and what you can expect.



In Australia, truckers are known as truckies. Pri-movers, or tractors, haul the trailers with items in them. In order to become an Australian road train truck driver, you need to be at least 18 years old and you must take a TAFE course at college. This course teaches you everything you need to know about truck driving, such as how much air needs to be inside of your tires or how to properly tie your ropes. After the TAFE course has been passed, the prospective driver needs to be able to pass a truck driving test on the road. Although this provides licensing, it is not all you need for how to be a truck driver Australien road trains. When you have your license, you will need to get a permit from a company that will be willing to hire you. The problem is that many companies do not want to hire a driver unless they have some previous experience. Because of this, it can be difficult to find a job as a road trains truck driver.






A good way to begin is to start by driving small trucks or working with a smaller based company. You can build up your experience with this for several years and work your way up to driving road trains. The more you are able to prove that you can handle driving smaller trucks, companies will be interested in hiring you for the next level until you are ready to drive a road train. Earning the certification is sometimes the easiest factor of how to be a truck driver Australien road trains. If you are unsure of where to apply for truck driving jobs within the area or you do not know who is currently hiring, you can check the internet for companies and possible independent employment. In smaller towns, if there is nothing available, it may be easier for you to find work in the larger cities that focus more on distribution, commerce, produce, and other elements that require the hauling of goods.






It is important for a driver to gain experience and ensure they are ready to drive a large truck because of the noticeable differences in transportation. Road trains truckers deal with Mack and Kenworth tractors when they are transporting their haul. These types of tractors, or pri-movers, are specifically built towards specifications that are only suitable for road trains, and are built with twice the amount of fuel and air tanks. The tractors can haul up to three trailers, and a driver must be very experienced with driving in order to maneuver without causing any errors or risking accidents. While it is possible for a driver to back up and reverse a tractor with only two trailers attached, it is fairly impossible to reverse a tractor with three trailers attached. This is why it is rare to see three trailers being hauled.




The pay for this type of job is fairly decent, depending on who you work for and how often. The most average wage .37 to .43 cents per km, is 500 per week in Australian dollars. Some people make over 700 dollars per week, but this depends strictly on what company they are hauling for and how often they are on the road. The downside to this job is that truck drivers are only able to get paid as long as they are on the road and hauling. This can be more of a problem if you are hauling for a company and your truck breaks down. The time that you will spend trying to make repairs or waiting for someone to come make the repairs for you are not paid, and so it is possible to lose a lot of time and pay in these situations.




Drivers that are employed for a company are able to get up to four paid holidays that will allow them to have a day off and spend time with their family. However, drivers that own their own trucks usually do not have this luxury and have to continue driving in order to ensure that they make all of their pay for the assigned trip. This is necessary based on the amount of miles that the truckers must travel every day, sometimes cross-country. Australia and the USA are fairly similar in size, meaning that truckers must travel from region to region to deliver all of the goods throughout the country. These truckers travel sometimes millions of miles to deliver and pick up produce, livestock, chemicals, and many of the goods that are purchased in stores on a daily basis. They generally pick up their load at the city that they work in and then haul it to wherever the delivery location is. Some locations can take up to a week or longer to drive to, depending on the weather conditions and the driver.




The time that is spent on the road also has to match up with what is written in the log book. Previously, log books were kept on traditional paper but this made it too easy for some drivers to be dishonest about their location and how many miles they had driven. Because of this, there are now many companies that are switching to using computers to log the assignments instead. These computers are connected to the truck and log the miles that are driven each day. Additionally, they are often paired with GPS systems to ensure that the drivers are going in the right direction and are not spending their time at unapproved locations.




When you are examining how to be a truck driver Australien road trains, it is important to consider all of your options. Because of the amount of time that is spent driving, it’s important to consider if this is a lifestyle that you are prepared to accept. There are many older and experienced truck drivers who have families and have become used to the lifestyle associated with being a truck driver. These individuals are more likely to work their assigned times and come home to spend time with their loved ones before leaving for their next assignment. However, there are also many younger truck drivers who use the job as needed so that they have time for other aspects of their life. They are typically employed less than older truck drivers, because they need time away from the road for elements such as going to school or dealing with aspects of their personal life.





Most truck drivers are only on the road for around two weeks and then they have a week off. The alternative to this are the drivers that are able to drive anytime they want to due to their employment. These drivers are allowed to drive for as long as they can as long as they have enough time for resting and driving breaks. Because the job of driving Australian road trains often means that drivers will be traveling to far away locations, most of their time is spent on the road, and as a result, most have to adapt their lifestyle to time spent in their truck.




Generally, the trucks are able to offer you the basics of what you need while you are on the road. Most trucks offer air conditioning, heating, and a small fridge for you to store some of your food in. There are also sleeper cabs for you to rest in when you are finished driving for the day. If you are driving teams, one person will be driving while the other person is sleeping, and vice versa. Some trucks also have outlets that you can use to power some of your electronics while you are on the road. There is equipment in the front dashboard of the truck that holds a variety of gauges and steering mechanisms. Unless the company is sponsoring wireless headsets for communication, there is usually a walkie-talkie near the steering wheel so that truckers can communicate with other truckers and company dispatchers while en route.




Because it is not uncommon for trucks to break down during an assignment, many truckers have to learn how to repair their own trucks in order to make it to their location on time. While this isn’t always the case in every breakdown situation, most truckers know the basics about what to do in an emergency situation with their truck, or how to handle some basic repairs. Often times, they need to call another trucker on the same route to help with the repairs, or to deliver a replacement part so they can return to the road again. Truckers that are able to make their own repairs on their trucks are valuable to trucking companies because saves repair costs. The ability to adapt to this lifestyle for each assignment until you are able to return home is crucial. Companies will repeatedly hire truckers that are able to provide meet their assignment deadlines on time and without any issues. If you can build a reputation of being reliable, you will have better chances at success on how to be a truck driver Australien road trains.





Keeping these points in mind will help you greatly with your interest in how to be a truck driver Australien road trains. It is important to understand that becoming an Australian road train truck driver is not an instantaneous option. It is a form of employment that happens over a period of time, requires effort, persistence, and experience. If you are willing to take the next steps after receiving your licensing, you should not have any difficulty in your endeavors with becoming a truck driver.

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  2. I have been to your great country when I was in the Navy. I miss the people and country side, i am in trucking school right now and hope to go back to your country and find a job driving trucks, any help you could give me would be greatly accepted. I thank you for your time in reading this

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