Average Truck Driver Salary

The National Average Truck Driver Salary is higher than some people get with a four year College Degree!

As you can see most truck drivers can earn the same salary as a four year college graduate!  Without the cost associated with a four year degree, and only a few months of training. I live in a middle class neighborhood here in Arizona, and i earn the same or more than my neighbors who spent four years in college. Truck Driving is one of the highest salary jobs for a blue collar worker in the USA. I have talked to some Truck Drivers who without a college degree are earning $300,000 a year owning their own trucks.










So if you want a higher Salary without paying for or going to a four year college then maybe truck driving is for you? My brother is an ASC certified master mechanic and i earn more than he does some weeks. My other brother is an English teacher in Japan With a Four year degree i also earn a higher salary than he does. Truck Driver Salary is the best way to go because no four year college tuition payments. My best year i earned $78,000 truck driver salary as a company team driver. I was home every weekend for 2 1/2 days.











Of course it will take you a few years behind the wheel to earn this kind of truck driver salary. But keep your record clean, and stay with the same company. Also in trucking like everything else in the world you need connections to get the very best jobs. So make friends with some private fleet truck drivers, or owner operators who know what they’re doing. Find one to mentor you on how to own and operate a successful trucking business. Join OOIDA takes their training courses on being an owner operator. Or get into a specialized field of trucking I.E Tankers, Auto haulers, Livestock haulers, and so many more.












That is another good thing about being a Truck Driver there are many diffrent types of equipment, and freight to haul. Also you can learn everything about the business side of transportation. Then get an office job in the transportation industry. I know some ex truck drivers who now own a fleet of trucks. Now all they do is Golf and run their business pulling in well over six figures. But they started out Driving a Truck, and learning all they can about the transportation industry. Now that is a great truck driver salary, and not even driving anymore.

Wisconsin$45,000South Carolina$49,000Arkansas$52,000Connecticut$56,000
Idaho$46,000North Carolina$49,000Montana$53,000Illinois$57,000
Nebraska$46,000Louisiana$50,000North Dakota$53,000Indiana$57,000
Colarado$47,000Maine$50,000New Hampshire$54,000West Virgin$59,000
Washington$48,000Delaware$50,000Rhode Island$54,000Massachusetts$60,000
New Mexico$48,000Oregon$51,000New Jersey$54,000Washington$60,000
South Dak$48,000Texas$51,000Maryland$54,000New York$61,000













Keep in mind these are only National Averages that means most Truck Drivers earn a much smaller salary. There are many factors which influence how big your salary will be as explained in previous posts by me. Here are some of the key factors which influence truck drivers salary. Take note how low Dry Van haulers salary is. That is one of the lowest truck driver salary in the industry, as it is the most common truck you will see on the road.

Boat haulers$35,000Household goods drivers$55,000
Vocational drivers$36,000Local drivers$56,000
Dry van$45,000Tanker drivers$56,000
Reefer drivers$47,000Auto haulers$60,000
Team drivers$52,000Flat bed$61,000
Interstate drivers$54,000Regional drivers$68,000
Dry bulk pneumatic$54,000LTL drivers$85,000



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