Big Brother is Watching You

My company just installed new computer log’s in our truck’s.  With all the new rules and regulation’s this just add’s to the lack of privacy. Is this the face of trucking in the new century?  Everything we do is now recorded, and filed away somewhere in Washington.  We are loosing our freedom people, and there is nothing we can do about it.  I have been learning this new computer, and it records all my driving info.  “If i brake to hard”,  over RPM,  no seatbelt, “it’ even tell’s the company when my headlights are on.   Our medical card’s are recorded,  when we fuel,  when we enter a weigh station ,  “it’ even feel’s like if i fart somewhere that will be recorded!  Every little detail of a truck driver’s life is now being recorded,  So freedom well not for us. “Is this what America is becoming?  Land of the free is no longer true!!  Ho Ho what’s next?   Camera in the truck to record when we pick our nose?   Or if we scratch in the wrong place?  Where do we go from here my friend?  No where not much we can do because nobody will listen. When you enter,  and exit the cab a camera is watching you.  The only place for now where we are not being watched is the sleeper.   “But that will change”,  soon even the sleeper will have some type of device to record how long you stay in the bunk!  Mark my words friend’s the time will come when freedom is a thing of the past.  GONZOTRUCKER

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