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About Bubba the Love Sponge Clem and Heather Clem Divorce

Todd Alan Clem is a renowned American radio personality. Born in 1966 on April 21st, Todd Alan Clem is legally known as Bubba the love sponge Clem. He owns a website by the name btls.com. He got married in 2007 at First Baptist Church of St. Petersburg and his best man was wrestling star Terry Hulk Hogan. Stern Howard, a media station owner, and his crew were also in attendance. Bubba the love sponge Clem filed for a divorce from his wife Heather Clem after four and a half years. Bubba is convinced that his marriage can no longer be salvaged. He has worked in many media stations and his job at btls.com requires that he put in many hours; this fact has really contributed to his family drifting apart. The couple has two children but both from previous marriages.

Bubba the love sponge Clem has a son and Heather Clem has a daughter named Julia. They separated in March of this year, but to be precise, it was under mediation. During their more than four years of marriage, they amassed a large amount of wealth. Their assets are to be subdivided between the two under mediation following a pre-nuptial agreement they had signed before their marriage in 2007. The couple also agreed never to disparage each other in public or call each other names, especially on the air and they had agreed not to allow their problems to be known to the public. Bubba has urged his fans not to talk ill of Heather as a way to keep to make good on the agreement they had made through his website btls.com.

Bubba the love sponge Clem, also found through btls.com, is a citizen of Warsaw in Indiana. His success story begins with his schooling days at the Indiana State University’s radio station WISU-FM. He studied for his career here. Bubba has always been involved in controversy and he got into trouble with some of his first employers due to the alleged sexual connotations in his shows, which were held in the evenings. He also allegedly took to defaming a competitor named Danny Douglas who worked for WKLQ at the same time by claiming that Danny was a homosexual and had Aids. Bubba still went back to badmouthing Danny even after confrontations with his bosses. He used unsuitable language while talking to a thirteen year old who had called in Danny’s defense; he was fired immediately following this incident. He worked at “Hot 102/WLUM-FM” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after this but only for a short while. He has also hosted The Bubba the Love Sponge on several media stations like the Cox Radio and Beasley Broadcast Group. He also worked with Sirius XM Howard 101 and RadioI0. This show is a nationally syndicated radio talk show that can be listened to live or on the internet at btls.com where Bubba and his crew Matt Spice Loyd, Brent Hatley, Manson and Ned discuss hot issues and the current newsmakers.

Bubba has a special ability to attract audiences who end up becoming very loyal to him. His fans are so many that they are unanimously referred to as the ‘Bubba army.’ They have shown him tremendous support when they are called to action. Thousands show up faithfully when Bubba requests them to. He uses btls.com to sensitize them on many issues.
Bubba will surprise you with how fast he thinks and talks. He also has an undeniably sharp sense of humor, a broad perspective on different radio topics and a unique lingo he often uses on-air. His fans understand this unique lingo, which they prefer to call ‘Bubba talk.’

Other btls.com personalities

Ned is one of the longest presenters of this hilarious show and he is quite advanced in age. Ned is rude anf abrasive, but his fans never seem to get enough of him. He is especially loved by his fans because of his cleverly done parody songs and funny phone calls. The other very unique aspect about him is that he is not predictable; every new day brings from him something different. He is another reason why individuals continually become glued to this show; they are sure they will get a good laugh at the end of it all. He has really put btls.com on demand.

Brent Hatley, the sports presenter, is loved for being well read and continues to keep himself up to date with a wide range of topics. Brent is good with sports. He is currently undergoing martial arts training. He has worked alongside Bubba from the year 2000 until now. You can catch up with him on btls.com.

Manson is another interesting presenter. He is especially known for his ability to impersonate prominent members of the society. He, like Ned, does parodies. He is also quite witty and is an expert when it comes to coming up with satirical material. He is a comedian and this contributes to btls.com being the place to be.

Matt “spice” loyd is a co-host and a producer of The Bubba the love sponge show. He has worked there for over ten years and has seen btls.com come to life. He is involved with handling guests. Matt is very assertive when it comes to his opinions. Bubba and Matt vary in their views on air and this causes tension between them. You can also weigh in if you go to btls.com. Spice is a workaholic but enjoys nightlife. At just 30 years old, he is the youngest in this crew, but his ten years experience credits him as the veteran he is.

You can find all of the above-mentioned radio personalities at btls.com. Btls.com is the talk of the town because the shows by Bubba have the ability to leave you feeling better, especially if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. This lively show will help rejuvenate you and your day will end up being quite bright.

Interestingly, Bubba seems to make headlines more often than not. This could be attributed to the provocative opinions he makes on air or those of his guests who seem to open up more on Bubba’s show. He also attracted a lot of media coverage back in 2007 when he delayed a suicidal caller on his show for an hour until the police located him, took his gun and got him help.

You can listen to this show online through btls.com. The “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” opens with a signature tune from Johnny Socko’s song “Full Trucker Effect.” Full Trucker is also a nickname for a big rig truck driver. If you are a fan of the Bubba the Love Sponge Show and can’t get enough of it during the day, then you should get the unofficial btls.com application. This application pulls the RSS feed from btls.com and displays all the entries through a friendly interface, which is of course faster than browsing. You can then tap the details button to get the original web-based version. You can also get the latest blog, entries, stories, and show reruns from the same website btls.com, although you have to do this unofficially.

Another controversial incident occurred when Bubba was working at WXTB. He prepared a barbecue for his fans. Bubba appointed a professional hunter to kill a wild hog. The hunter was supposed to kill it and prepare it for the fans. Bubba creatively played a sound effect of a wild boar rutting making it sound like he had mercilessly harassed and murdered the hog. The fans were so convinced that he had brutally murdered the hog. He got into trouble with the authorities together with his producer Brent Hatley. They were detained with charges of animal cruelty. They were later released after being found not guilty of these charges because they killed the hog legally. This controversy made Bubba a household name all over Florida and outside after appearing on the show “Court TV,” which is now known as Tru TV.

Controversies seem to follow Bubba wherever he goes. He worked with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA for a while: From Jan 2010 to April of the same year as a backstage interviewer. He made disparaging comments on the Haiti earthquake incident and this put him in trouble with TNA management. This also resulted in him being punched by Awesome Kong. He continued working here after he had apologized to the management and got back on air. He stayed on until he was fired because he allegedly used racial terms with Kia Stevens, also known as Awesome Kong.

Bubba also hosted shows for Sirius/XM Satellite radio service in Dec 2010 and declined to re-sign a new contract with the same. This is how Bubba left satellite radio and decided to be the first big presenter to have an internet show, btls.com. He features several feature programs on his show, which airs throughout the day. Following the declination, it is obvious that Howard Stern is still interested in having Bubba the love sponge Clem working for him on Howard 101. He says that he is still in the process of trying to convince Bubba for the same. However, Bubba prefers to work from the internet, btls.com because it is uncensored. Bubba has been credited for contributing to the fast growth of Radioio with his show btls.com. Radioio features Radioio Live, which gets to the audience via btls.com allowing programs to be covered live and allowing internet radio hostsor guests to talk and play live music for the listeners.

Bubba also called a lot of attention to himself when he ran for sheriff of Pinellas County in Florida during the 2004 elections. He was unsuccessful in his bid but he garnered a good 30% of votes.

Bubba in the pursuit of giving back to the society founded a charity organization, The Bubba the Love Sponge Foundation, Inc., which raises money for several Florida organization. He set out to help the police force, which usually is not very popular with people. The organization has raised over $150,000 up until now through Bikes for Badges. The Bikes for Badges function is all about getting together money for fallen police officers. One of the latest undertakings by The Bubba the Love Sponge Foundation, which was frequently aired on btls.com, is raising money for the three widows of the three fallen St. Petersburg police officers, David S. Crawford, Tom Baitinger and Jeffrey Yasloqitz. The community was made aware of these women’s losses through btls.com where they were also asked to donate funds. The event was to be embraced by the area’s head law enforcers like Hillsborough Bob White, David Gee, Pinellas Grady Judd, Polk St. Pete Mayor Rick Foster, Pasco Jim Coats and the btls.com crew. Activities like the charity ride, silent auction, games like poker crawl with a $2500 prize, 50/50 drawing, a bike show and a bikini bike wash were all inclusive in this event. One of the most recent events by the Bubba the Love Sponge Foundation is its formation as a 501 (c) Florida charity. They have donated funds to two charities in the Tampa area, which serve children and families. Proceeds from events to be held in the future will be used to raise awareness and provide funds for the community‘s victims and their families of such like cases.

The Bubba Radio network has a total of 18 employees who work full- time in radio broadcasting, merchandising and production audios and videos. They also do sales and marketing. The Bubba Radio Network®, btls.com produces and sells different packaged items and merchandise through the much frequented website btls.com. Btls.com had 4.4 million people logged on in 2007. A total of 366000 users log onto btls.com on average each month.

Generally, at heart, Bubba the love sponge Clem is a great person and he deals with the affairs and issues affecting his community sincerely and with all his heart. He keeps in touch with his fans through btls.com.

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