Byron final weeks as company Truck Driver

Well i started driving commercial vehicle in 1994  i have driven just about every sort of commercial equipment. From taxi to bus to truck and many others over the years i have done nights days morning afternoons Off road on road local regional and long haul

I will say nothing really shocks me about driving anymore i drive and expect things to happen there is very few days I dont see a accident or the remains of one

driving across a few mountian ranges every day shows peoples lack of care

Now more about me  after many years of doing this job i love i am taking the next step. Becoming a owner operator

I have been driving at a lower speed for sometime and i find the only difference between 95 & 105 is about 20 Minutes for a trip from vancouver bc to calgary ab and about 25-30 liters. Now as a company driver i dont pay the fuel but as a owner i will for this reason when i take possesion of my truck i will run at 93 km for 1 month to see if i can save that little extra each week i will total km traveled and fuel used verses time driving

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Truck Driver

Update  Post Number  2.

Well since my last post I have had some home time then back to work in 20 days i drove

15,000 kms had a breakdown and 2 resets.  My new truck is in but paperwork is holding everything up

My truck has a big moose bumper on it.

I still drive Company Truck while waiting for my truck

Hope to have it within next 4 days

Take care and safe driving.    Byron  Talbot




well as of the 15 may 2012


I became an owner operator


here is a short list of spec more info to come

4.11 rears 40,000lbs

13,000 front

500hp dd15

6 speed allison auto

228 wheelbase

comes with anti idle ac/heater power from 4 battery’s


I have not put the governor on at a lower speed yet its set to 110kph

depending on type of trailer and where i drive i get between 40-46 liters per 100 km

as this truck is not broke in yet i expect the fuel consumption to get better with each week






I am having a great run the truck is working great the fuel mileage is getting better

as i expect it would as i go through the break in period.

i have not cut my gov to 93 yet i am running at 105kms till end of the month

a few things i have been asked


when will i wash my truck? : my truck will have to earn money first before i wax/buff

i will only polish it twice a year it has the durashine coating

but i wash every 2 weeks with soap and water


how does it ride?:  like a dream a nice soft ride


whats your milage ?: depends on my trailers tandem, tridem, cans, van, deck and the load weights i haul upto 46,500 kg and where i run

i drive over 1-3 mountian ranges every day some of the steepest roads in north america

but my average is from 41-44 liters used per 100 kms


have a great day and Remember to Stop and thank a Veteran



Update June 15th

Well I got through the first month of operating as a truck owner I was able to pull 16120 miles in 27 days out of 30

The truck is running fine had a minor problem but that was expected

After running that hard I am at home with my family I go back on the Tuesday


After I get the totals for fuel def and payed vs unpaid miles I will update




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