How Truck Drivers Can Navigate Through Big Cities

2013 Trucking Guide – How Truck Drivers Can Navigate Through Big Cities The first thing that drivers should do when driving through big cities is to always make sure that they are early for the delivery. If going to a place such as downtown Chicago, then the driver needs to call ahead and find out […]

Truck Driving Safety tips Rollovers

2013 Trucking Guide – Truck Driving Safety tips Over 78% of rollovers usually involve driver error. As a driver, he is the key component in preventing these rollovers. Why do these rollovers happen and what can be done to prevent them? The FMCSA strives to improve the safety of cargo tank motor vehicles on the […]

2013 Trucking Guide – Mountain Truck Driving Tips

There is a huge difference between driving a huge truck at a mountain road, and travelling on a flat highway. This is caused by the immense weight that is carried by the trailer. Driving an 18-wheeler right across steep mountains and long, winding passes can be scary, even when it comes to seasoned truck drivers. […]

2013 US Trucking Industry Guide – Trucking Safety Tips and Reminders

  Truck accidents are known to cause a huge amount of property damage, as well as several injuries to those who are involved. A truck that is fully equipped can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Meanwhile, a car can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. Serious injuries can and will occur once these two types of […]

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