A Career in Heavy-Hauler Trucking

2014 US Trucking Guide – A Career in Heavy-Hauler Trucking The term “heavy hauler” always refers to drivers of a large freight truck in general, and also drivers of special oversized loads. This kind of profession always requires drivers to be able to handle rigs that are very bulky and weighty. Because of this, heavy […]

More Truck Driving Jobs for New Wal-Mart Distribution Centers

2014 US Trucking News – More Truck Driving Jobs for New Wal-Mart Distribution Centers A Wal-Mart perishable grocery distribution center is being built in Alamance County, North Carolina. Wal-Mart will be receiving a $1.1 million grant from the ‘One North Carolina Fund’. This will also help build the 440,000 square foot facility that is predicted […]

Types of Truck Drivers and Truck Driving Jobs

2013 Trucking Guide – Types of  Truck Drivers and Truck Driving Jobs Truckers are always responsible for transporting goods and commodities from one location to another, safely and right on time. A lot of trucking jobs are available, and these jobs happen to be classified by the type of truck that they are operating. This […]

Truck Driving Tips – How Truck Drivers Can Get Quality Sleep

Quality sleep can be elusive for most truck drivers, and these truck driving tips can help you learn more about different techniques that you can use to get the quality sleep you deserve. A lot of truckers believe that following good sleeping habits should in fact be a duty, and not a luxury.   Sadly, some […]

Trucking Job Tips – More Trucking Jobs for Women Truckers in 2013

These trucking job tips will inform you about the new trucking jobs that have emerged this 2013 in the trucking industry for women truckers. Hold on you say — Women truckers and new trucking jobs for women? Imagine this — If a stay-at-home mom could barely fit all her tasks into a weekly schedule, and working […]

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