2013 US Trucking News — BigCat Trucker Motivates His Viewers

Despite the ruckus and turmoil going on in America, BigCat  Trucker says “hit the bathroom!” in his latest video captioned Motivation (LaceUp part 31), where Rick Sylvester aka BigCat  Trucker is trying to motivate his viewers from the bathroom. BigCat must be referring to the latest fad in trucking industry , the trucker to shutdown […]

Kari Fisher – All About the Woman behind Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Kari Fisher, a woman who explored the “power of the web,” stood out in helping numerous truck drivers and families. Congratulations to her! She was honored by the “Making a Difference Award” in October 28, 2012 for impacting the trucking industry. The award convened by Truck Driver Social Media Convention in Kansas, City also highlighted […]

All About Stephen “Trucker Steve” Adams

      Trucker Steve went missing in 2010. Many messages in Twitter, Facebook, and even the comments in Trucker Steve’s YouTube channel are full of several followers saying that they missed his videos and his helpful articles for his co-truck drivers.     In this video, Steve assured his followers that he is alright. […]

Top 10 Truck Driver Songs

This is my list of the top 10 trucker songs of all time. If you have a favorite post it at the bottom in the comments section. #10 Six days on the road, Dave Dudley #9 Teddy Bear, Red Sovine #8 18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses, Kathy Mattea #7 Give Me 40 Acres, THE […]

Driving A Legend Into History Trucking Bozo

Driving a Legend into History Truckers do not always have it easy. Long days driving through the endless stretches of fields and cities can be tiresome. Dale Sommers knew that and began a radio show that was geared to those who help transport the world. A man who gave entertainment, news and music to truckers […]

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