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With cattle truckers, people tend to think that it is a safe and easy job. Little do they know that being a cattle truck driver is a dangerous job that can actually cost a lot of cattle’s life, sometimes including the driver. Not only will the livestock be in the driver’s hands, but so will the driver himself. Cattle truck driving is not just to safely bring animals to their designated area, but to also care for them each hour or day while on the job. Most people do not actually know what a cattle truck driver is or exactly what he does, and in this article it will be showing you exactly what cattle truck drivers do, what dangers there are in their work and many more.







Cattle truckers are both veternarions and truck drivers. They transport cattle either to the market or to the slaughterhouse where they will be processed for food. Bull hauling and transferring cattle has been going on for hundreds of years, dating back to the 1800s. Although these bull haulers do the exact same job, it is very different compared to now and from the 1800s, mainly because of their transportation and length of the job. The average cattle drive included 10 cowboys with 3 horses each. It was much harder then, because of the slower mode of transportation and the fact that there were no safe stopovers to sleep in. Cowboys had to switch shifts, herding the cattle during the day and the rest watching out for thieves or stampedes during the night. The cowboys were young, ages ranging from 16 to 22, while the cook was older and well respected, because he had the food and medical supplies. Everyone would work in all types of weather, from bitter cold to tremendous heat. After their cattle were sold, their salary was $40 a month.








Today, the cattle trucker  is our own modern cowboy. The average salary of a cattle truck driver is around $38,500 to $41,200 a year, falling somewhere closer to the national average of other truck drivers. To be more exact, cattle truck drivers are paid $18 an hour, depending on the state. Some states would pay more or would pay less, depending on their need of people hauling their livestock. In most Metropolitan areas, a cattle truck driver would be paid more than one in small towns, such as Chicago, which pays cattle truck drivers over $20 an hour. The salary of a cattle truck driver is a bit higher than most typical truck drivers because of the increased dangers when it comes to hauling cattle and bulls.








There are many requirements needed when wanting to become a cattle trucker. Not only should he be experienced in handling large trucks around major highways and cities, but he should also know how to handle livestock, as he should keep them healthy during the beginning until the end of the journey. The ability to handle large trucks is very important because the driver is the one responsible for the live animals in his truck. If the trucker is driving abnormal, it may cause the cattle to get scared and start hurting themselves. For the safety of the cattle, they should be kept in a calm environment and avoid getting sick while driving to the destination, which means feeding them and checking for any injuries or abnormalities of one of the animals in the truck. A cattle truck driver must be knowledgeable and understand every different aspect of his job.









He should know all about animal care and know information regarding the cattle’s health. Some may require truck drivers to enroll in a ­truck driving school to learn how to properly drive the different types of trucks. However, many cattle truck drivers are proud of the fact that they didn’t come from a truck driving school. Most cattle truck drivers learn their respective job on the farm, making them both knowledgeable on both driving a large truck and caring for livestock. A cattle trucker usually  drives a Peterbilt or a very large truck. There are also special types of trucks used for carrying pigs, cows, chickens or bulls. A lot of knowledge on driving and animals is very important for the cattle trucker, which adds more responsibility and more pay compared to other truck drivers who haul and transport various types of items.








When you are now a cattle truck driver, there are many more dangers up ahead, such as road accidents or sicknesses rising from the livestock. Not only will you have to be very careful on the road, but you will have to drive fast because you will be transferring livestock, there is no time to go  slow. There are tons of cattle truck drivers who have died and killed many of the livestock from major road accidents because of minor mistakes on the road or due to the mistreatment of the cattle. There are tons of responsibilities for the cattle truck driver when it comes to driving carefully and making sure that each animal is comfortable, well fed and not sick. You will also have to learn how to control your cattle if ever they are out of control, using your voice, hand movements and many more actions in order to calm them down and lead them to the inside of the truck. There are many lives at stake when a cattle trucker is on the job, and he should be aware of the dangers that come with his job.








If you are thinking that being a cattle truck driver is very easy, you will realize that it is not all about driving animals safely to there designated area, but to also care for them each day on the job. The responsibilities, danger and requirements are much higher than the usual truck driver or any other usual job. If you are thinking of becoming a cattle truck driver, remember to be careful on the road, both for you and your cattle’s safety.





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