Why Trucking Companies want young Truck Drivers

Why do Big Trucking Companies prefer young truck drivers they can train,  Instead of older drivers that need no training?



Big carriers are more willing to hire younger drivers than they have been in the past. Faced with high turnover and an excess of positions to fill, those companies that were once hesitant to give young drivers a try are looking at ways to not only recruit them, but also train them. The reason for this in my opinion is simple. New drivers get a lower truck driver salary. Older Truck Drivers demand a higher salary!  Also new truck drivers can be trained under all the new regulations we now have in the Trucking Industry.


Smaller companies tend to prefer older more experienced drivers because of the cost of CDL training. But the major carriers have a truck driving school’s  which cuts the costs of training a truck driver. A new truck driver will earn somewhere between $25,000 to $40,000 the first year on the road. Experienced Truckers can Earn $50,000 or more per year.  Like I have said in a previous post there is no “Driver Shortage” just a shortage of high paying CDL job’s out there.  Very few Truck Drivers stay with the company that trains them!  Why is this?  It’s simple “Pay”  Trucking companies tell drivers to look at the whole year’s  pay, and  not this week. Well my bills are due this week, and not at the end of the year!


Most young people don’t want to come into this Industry. This is because of the low wages, and time away from home. If these big carriers really wanted to hire, and retain truck drivers they would pay more. Simple solution to driver retention is pay, and Hometime. Not very many people want to give up their life for $40,000 a year or less. That is what being a truck driver is!  You give up your life at home for a life on the road. Now many of us enjoy this lifestyle, but many people don’t.   Many Trucking companies are even offering a sign on bonus for new truck drivers, and still they cannot get drivers. The truth is people don’t want to live on the road with no life. But you can change this by simply paying more!  Now I’m not saying all big Trucking Companies pay a very low salary because many pay very well, and most are on this website. What I am saying is take your time research the company you plan to go with. You don’t want to be a job jumper, and only stay one year with the company. If you have any questions you can always ask me. I’m on Twitter/Facebook and my email account every day.







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