We have a truck driver shortage in the USA, and high unemployment. So why not start offering free cdl training to the unemployed? It would be a good idea to get the unemployment rates lower but we need batter cdl training programs. Longer time behind the wheel with a cdl trainer more classroom time. They have some really good cdl training schools already, but some bad ones too. So if you decide to get your cdl make sure it’s a good school!!! This would be a good idea if the lawmakers in Washington would approve it (free cdl training for the unemployed). Then they can find good trucking jobs without any long term contracts to major carriers. I always advocate paying for the school yourself rather than signing a contract with a carrier for 1 year. Because there are lots of factors to determine whether you will earn enough money with that company or if trucking is even for you. The national average unemployment rate’s are rising, and the trucking industry has a shortage of drivers go figure. The unemployment office needs to start offering cdl training course to some of these people if they’re qualified I.E good driving record. Just some random thoughts of mine be safe out there drivers. gonzotrucker

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  1. The government does offer grants that make the CDL training free BUT the government isn’t funding those grants right now so unemployed have no way of attending schools with training costs of $3,000 and above. Please have everyone sign this petition that asks that the training money be reinstated and increased for everyone needing training….!/petition/fund-vocational-training/4rnQH0zT?

    Thanks and Drive safe!
    Tanya Bons

  2. Sure will Tanya it’s a good idea to get some people back to work.

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