Con-Way Trucking company

Con-Way Truckinhg Company

Con-way Inc is a mutli-billion dollar company offering services pertaining to freight transportation and logistics services. The company engages in global operations because its reach is spread across five continents in over twenty countries. The headquarters of this world-famous company is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the continent North America alone, there are close to four hundred and twenty five operating locations and close to thirty thousand highly trained and efficient personnel with the company. There are three types of services offered by Con-way: freight services, worldwide logistics solutions and truckload services.

If you opt for Con-way Freight services then you can take a pick from local, regional or transcontinental LTL (less-than truckload) transportation services. The second type of service, i.e. Menlo worldwide logistics services comprises of designs, implementation and management of supply chain solutions which comprises of transportation management services, logistics services, distribution services and even warehousing services. The third broad category of service offered by Con-way would be the Con-way Truckload, which is a network of complete truckload services. These are available to residents of Mexico, Canada and the United States of America.

While there are many trucking companies out there, there is no doubt why people still prefer to opt for the name ‘Con-Way’ because the company definitely provides one of the best logistics and transportation services in the world. Con-Way was established back in the year 1929, at that time it was known as ‘Consolidated Truck Lines’. Today, eight decades later, it is still going strong and continues to build a good brand name for itself amongst other trucking companies. Con-Way understands the fact that transportation and logistics play an extremely important role in today’s times, especially with the cut-throat competition in the market therefore the company strives to do its best by providing its customers with world class transportation and logistics services, leaving no room for complaints.

Therefore, the name Con-Way generally comes to the minds of people when it comes to freight, logistics and transportation services because the company in the leader in the industry. One can rely on the services of the company whether it is just a matter of getting something across the town, across the continent of North America or even around the world. The true stars are actually the trucks that are used by Con-Way. These white and blue trucks carrying imprints of the logo of the company are easily identifiable. It is these trucks that act as the intermediary or the messenger between the company’s customer and the individual or the destination to which the items have to be dropped or transported.

The trucks used by Con-Way have useful safety features like additional mirrors, stainless steel catwalk, LED lights, curbside trailer release and non-slip grab handles. These trucks are maintained by a network of expert mechanics. Apart from being a very safe vehicle, the Con-Way trucks are also very spacious and comfortable, which means that the truck drivers do not experience any difficulty as far as comfort factor is concerned. The trucks are also extremely fuel efficient and environmental friendly in the sense that they are EPA recognized and they let out lesser amount of harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide into the environment. If the Con-Way trucks weren’t that impressive to begin with then the company would never have managed to go such a long way and beat the other trucking companies or competitors along the way.

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