Covenant Transport

Which career are you focused on now? If you are thinking of a change in careers and want to look into driving for trucking companies as a way of earning a living, then Covenant Transport is the way to go. As one of the leading faith-based trucking companies in the country, the carrier prides itself in ensuring that their drivers’ needs are well met. With over 9000 trailers and about 3,600 tractors, the company does provide you with some of the best driving opportunities in this industry. Its headquarters are in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The company will give you an opportunity to apply for a job in most states of the country. Some of the opportunities are for solo drivers and others are for team drivers. Unlike most trucking companies around, the company does allow husband-wife teams to work together. If you are interested in this arrangement, you will have the opportunity to work in this manner.

The company also has ensured that all the equipment you will work with is customized to meet the demands of a long hard trip. For most trucking companies, the age of most tractors averages less than a year and a half, with all trailers being very clean and maintained. This is because the company cares about the welfare of its drivers as well as the overall safety. Other additional equipment installed for your comfort and safety include satellite communications equipment, private bunk spaces, ergonomic seating with plenty of adjustable settings, refrigerated trailers, CD players and so much more.

Unlike other trucking companies, we have made our entry rules basic thus providing you with an opportunity to find work even if you have little experience. Some of these requirements include having your Class A CDL, you being over 21 years of age, having proof of employment for at least three years, providing an ID, showing proof of sober and responsible driving behavior on the road among others.

This is one of the few trucking companies that will also take time to take you through the ropes carefully, during additional training. This training is usually one-on-one to enable you receive maximum attention. You will also get additional six months internship before being placed in a team. The company will subsidize your training for up to $6000 in total. You can use this money for other investments. You will be in a position to find work faster with Covenant Transport after training than you would, working elsewhere.

As one of the leading trucking companies in the country, Covenant Transport has incentives in place to ensure that its drivers enjoy additional benefits. These include performance payments, payments for safety records as well as extra mileage driven. Other incentives include vacation bonuses as well as a day off for every week on the road.

As a driver with the company, you will also have access to insurance policies and health plans that will reduce your overall expenses in the long term. Some of these include dental plans group discounts, health and life insurance and 401k plans among others. With all these benefits in place for any driver lucky to be working for Covenant Transport, there is no doubt as to why it is among the best trucking companies around.

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