Crete Carrier Announces Pay Increase for Truck Drivers

2014 US Trucking News – Crete Carrier Announces Pay Increase for Truck Drivers

Crete Carrier Corporation is delighted to announce a two-cent upgrade in pay for their national over-the-road drivers at Crete Center, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation. This increase in pay will go into effect on April 1, 2014. It will make the beginning pay for Crete Carrier drivers start from $.43 to $.47 and the initial pay for national Shaffer Trucking drivers range from $.44 to $.48, depending on the driver’s experience. Hunt Transportation’s initial pay for their drivers will be $.42 to $.46 per mile, depending on the driver’s experience.

This equals to an increase in pay of around 4 percent, which means that a typical Crete Carrier driver can make up to $2,800 more each year.

This change stems from the carrier’s need to meet freight requests and attract more drivers. This can also end up in an increase in the amount that carriers are paid for when carrying goods.

A 2-cent per mile salary increase will be a wonderful change to the formerly idle state of Crete Carrier’s driver incomes. Their director of recruiting says that Crete Carrier had to cap a huge amount of their drivers’ wages, because of the economic condition in past years.

Crete Carrier Corporation was founded in 1966, together with their operating division, Shaffer Trucking and wholly-owned subsidiary Hunt Transportation Inc. This company has ranked as one of the biggest privately-owned trucking companies in the US. They provide a complete range of transportation services to their customers.

Crete Carrier also gives dry van service, and Shaffer Trucking gives temperature-sensitive service, and Hunt Transportation takes care of flatbed and expert transportation. Together, the group operates 5,348 power units, and more than 12,435 trailers, and serves customers all across the United States. Collectively, these two companies rank as one of the 20 biggest trucking companies in America.

Crete Carrier operates a truckload of nearly every product, and broadens their service to all those who need a good and proficient transportation. The company’s goal has always been to become a low-cost contributor of quality transportation and logistics services, to enlarge the consumption of their assets, to listen to the needs of their clients, and deliver more than they expect.

Crete Carrier Corporation is recognized by the National Transportation Institute as a Top Pay Certified Carrier, since it has met three important categories – Top tier pay, benefits, and the stability of their carriers. The latest increase in pay is an indication of their continuous effort to make sure that the drivers at Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation have all the chances to gain success in today’s trucking industry.

Furthermore, Crete Carrier Corporation also provides a gold standard benefit package which contains health, dental, vision, and life insurance, which guarantees coverage for both the driver and his family. The average insurance package cost for just one driver is less than $35 each week. This makes their coverage affordable. Crete Carrier Corporation also gives 401k and opportunities to share their profits. The previous year, Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking gave out more than $6 million dollars to their employees, with each standard competent driver receiving $1,500 this year.

Crete carrier

Crete carrier

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