CRST Van Expedited Truck Driving School


CRST is a family-owned trucking company that was started in the year 1955, wit

h a small freight delivery radius. Today, it has grown into a nation-wide trucking agency that transports thousands of tons of cargo every year. With an extremely large fleet of trucks, tractors and drivers, CRST boasts an impressive coverage area and is reputed for its excellent delivery services. Additionally, CRST offers absolutely free training for individuals who want to become truck drivers, by placing them in any of 30 driving schools that are authorized to hand out CDLs across the country.

It is absolutely normal for individuals to wonder why CRST sponsors people a

nd allows them to take truck driving lessons at premium truck driving schools in any of thirty locations across the country for free; the answer is that individuals who opt in for the company-sponsored program must sign an eight-month contract with the company. According to the contract, individuals who take advantage of the company’s free driving lessons must serve the company for a minimum of eight months, so as to ensure that the company’s investment in their training and licensing has been worthwhile. Alternately, individuals can choose to go for a self-sponsored truck driving course.

With weekly classes for those seeking a CDL-A license to become truck drivers, it is very easy to get enrolled in courses at any of the driving schools CRST has tie-ups with. Classes are usually conducted on every day of the week, with 20% of the course time dedicated to theoretical classroom sessions, and 80% dedicated to field work and practical

training. In some truck driving schools, weekend classes or part-time evening classes may also be available. Training courses usually last 2-4 weeks, and will be followed by a mandatory orientation program at a designated CRST truck terminal. Additionally, new trainees must clock a mandatory 28 days of driving and 14,000 miles on the road with a trainer from the company.

State laws require companies to impose stringent selection criteria while hiring new truck drivers. Minimum hiring qualifications require individuals to be at least 21 years old, and to have passed the Department of Transportation’s physical test and pre-employment assessment. A good driving record is absolutely mandatory for an individual to be considered for employment as a driver; applicants must not have any DUI records from the past five years, no more than one DUI charge from the past 15 years, and strictly not more than two charges in their lifetime. Any kind of criminal record is also liable to be considered as a factor for rejecting an individual’s application. Physically, individuals must not have any impairments or handicaps, and must not be under any medication. They must not have any kind of disease that could pose a threat while on the road. Good vision (20/40), and at least 70 degrees of field-vision without color blindness is a must.

Truck drivers can expect to earn anywhere between $35,000 and $55,00

0 per year; if they have applied for HazMat certification and are permitted to drive trucks containing industrial materials or hazardous substances, they are likely to earn much more. Considering that CRST covers lodging and transportation in addition to the fees that must be paid towards licensing and permits, being a truck driver is a great profession indeed.

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