Deadline of Medical Certification Nears

2014 US Trucking News – Deadline of Medical Certification Nears

Approximately 46 percent of Minnesota’s 250,000 CDL holders have not yet self-certified or have not provided the proper medical documentation, and are in danger of losing their CDL privileges. This is according to the Minnesota Farm Guide.

In contrast, approximately 80 percent of CDL holders in Georgia have already taken the required steps in order to be able to comply with the new regulation, according to Susan Sports, the public information officer of the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Sports says that they started this several months ago. They have mailed out certifications to drivers, and let them know that the deadline is approaching and about all the different ways that they can comply. Sports also told the Daily Tribune News that they are around 80 percent complete. However, they still do not know if the remaining 20 percent still want their CDL, or if they have moved locations. She believes that they have reached more than that, but it was still not certain. Some of them still have to fulfill their requirements.

By January 30 2014, every driver who holds a CDL will be required to self-certify their type of vehicle operation. This kind of classification will also determine if they need to submit a Fed Med Card to the DMV, or not. Some states have already required this.

These new regulations do not change who is needed to maintain a Fed Med card. But they do require drivers to report their exemption if they have one. CDL holders who do not file a Fed Med card with the DMV or report an exemption will be assumed to be non-compliant, and their licenses will also be suspended on January 30.

The FMCSA has stated what CDL holders are required to do:

CDL holders must determine whether he operates in the interstate or intrastate commerce. They are also subjected to the federal of their state’s requirements. They also need to certify to their SDLA that they are included in one of the four operation categories listed.

Interstate non-excepted: If the driver is an interstate non-excepted driver and needs to meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements

Interstate excepted: The driver is an interstate excepted driver and does not have to meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements

Intrastate non-expected: A non-expected intrastate driver is required to meet the medical requirements of his state.

Intrastate expected: The driver is an intrastate expected driver and does not have to meet the medical requirements for his state.

If the driver happens to be subject to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) medical examiner certification requirement, then he needs to provide a copy of each new USDOT medical examiner’s certificate to the SLDA before the expiration of their current medical examiner’s certificate. The medical examiner’s certificate is sometimes referred to as a medical card.

Interstate and intrastate drivers that are exempted are not required to provide a medical certificate but they must complete a self-certification form.

 Deadline of Medical Certification Nears

Deadline of Medical Certification Nears


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