Delaware to Implement Backup Alert Law

2014 US Trucking News – Delaware to Implement Backup Alert Law

It could soon be more common to hear the beeping sound when trucks are slowly backing up in Delaware.

Beginning January 2014, all trucks in Delaware that have a gross weight of 26,001 pounds or more will now be required to be equipped with an audible beeping signal that sounds when a truck is backing up.

This new law has required Delaware CMVs to have a backup camera or an audible alerting device that alerts the driver that there is an object behind his truck. This new law also applies to all non-farm CMVs that are titled on or after January 1. Those who do not comply with this new rule will face a $75 to $125 fine.

This law will be named after Dana Martino, a woman from Delaware who was struck and killed by a delivery truck back in 2009.

Accidents that are related to commercial dump trucks sometimes happen during the process of backing up. Unfortunately, hearing tales about people who get struck or run over while these trucks are backing up is quite common. There are many reasons why this disaster happens frequently. It also has a lot of factors. Firstly, there is the sheer size of the truck. Even with the help of side mirrors, there are areas to the rear of any car that are known as ‘blind spots’ that cannot be seen by the driver.

Another contributor to the problem is simply human error. Ideally, a spotter should be stationed behind a truck in order to assist the driver when he is backing up. Unfortunately, on many occasions that this these accidents have happened, the drivers that are involved have disregarded the need for a spotter, and have only depended on their side-view mirrors. This common practice has already been proven to be dangerous, and fatal.

When considering these issues regarding commercial truck safety, then it is important and helpful to know that there are systems that can improve safety during these backup procedures. Since there is a possibility that spotters can be ignored, a good alternative to consider is a type of back-up warning device that can be installed in the vehicle.

Three of the most common backup warning devices that can improve the safety of commercial dump trucks are a backup alarm, a backup sensor, and a backup camera system.

Backup Alarms: A backup alarm is an audible signaling device that is activated when the vehicle is put into reverse. It creates a loud beeping sound set to around 100 decibels to make the audio available despite the background noise.

Backup Sensor: Another system that can improve the safety of a truck while it is backing up. The backup sensor is a device installed on the rear. When put in reverse gear, the sensor starts monitoring for any form of obstruction on the vehicle’s rear end.

Backup Camera: On certain trucks, instead of the usual conventional backup sensor or alarm, they have a backup camera system instead. These systems have a camera that is installed on the rear end of a vehicle, and a small LCD monitor at the back of a cab. The camera can monitor everything that goes behind the truck, feeding the driver a live image from the rear of the vehicle of anything or anyone that could affect the backup procedure.



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