“Diesel prices drop 4th week in a row”, Big oil stealing more of our dollars!!

Big oil stealing more of our dollars

The national retail average fell for the week ending august 22nd.  Dropping 2 1/2 cents to $3.81 a gallon, according to the us department of energies information administration.  The biggest drop was in the central Atlantic region dropping 3.9 cents per gallon.  But the national average was still 85.3 cents higher than 1 year ago.  The record diesel price was 4.76 in July 2008.  

What all of this means is it’s getting harder to earn a living being an “owner operator” in the land of the free.  If you’re considering buying a truck you need to think about the fuel prices getting higher each day.  If you’re an owner operator now you need to find creative ways of saving fuel if you want to stay in business.  I have a cheap fuel finder on my blog use it.  “It’s” all a scam from the big oil companies to squeeze every penny out of you.  Still we do nothing about it!!  How about we truckers stop buying fuel for 2 days?  Then we can get their attention.   Every day we lose more owner operators because of high fuel prices. Those men and women are the backbone of our nation.  Without trucks America stops.   August 30th 2011


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