Directory of Nebraska Truck Driving Schools

Curtis: Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture Address: 1400 R St, Curtis, Nebraska 69025 Phone: 308-367-4124

Hastings: Central Community College Address: 440 S Technical Blvd, Hastings, Nebraska 68902 Phone: 402-461-2550

Lincoln: Southeast Community College Address: 8880 O St, Lincoln, Nebraska 68520 Phone: 402-437-2710

Norfolk: Northeast Community College Address: 801 E Benjamin Ave, Norfolk, Nebraska 68702 Phone: 402-371-2020

Omaha: Custom Diesel Drivers Training Inc Address: 14615 Cornhusker Rd, Omaha, Nebraska 68138 Phone: 402-894-1400

Omaha: JTL Truck Driver Training Inc Address: 13811 L St, Omaha, Nebraska 68137 Phone: 402-932-9665

Omaha: Metropolitan Community College Address:  2909 Edward “Babe” Gomez Ave, Omaha, Nebraska 68107 Phone: 402-457-2400

South Sioux City: Northeast Community College Address: 3309 Daniels Ln, South Sioux City, Nebraska 68776 Phone: 402-844-7215

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