Surprise Found in my Sleeper

This happened in 2006 at the flying J in Winslow, Arizona.  I was doing a team run from phoenix to Columbus, Ohio.  I was sleeping when rob stopped to get some coffee.  He parked on the fuel island, and ran in to get a cup.  I was sleeping off a three day weekend of chasing wild women in phoenix.  We were rolling maybe 1 hour when i felt something rub my leg.  So i turned on the bunk light only to see a drunken Indian on the floor.  I was shocked i did not know what to say.  I opened the curtain, and asked rob hey do you know this guy?  “He did a double take”,  and screamed hey what the ****, who the hell are you.  Rob pulled over on the shoulder, and we woke him up,  and asked him what the hell!!   He said he was  drunk so he climbed in the sleeper to sleep.  Rob left the door unlocked something i told him to never do!  We made the Indian get out right there 1 hour away from his home.  That was one of the weirdest thing’s to ever happen to me on the road. Share your stories like this with me if you have any.  GONZOTRUCKER

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