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“If” your reading this you already decided to get cdl training . “There are several ways to do this”, and it depends on what type of truck you wish to drive? Dry van (most common) refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, oversize, lowboy, belly dumps, and so many more! What type of hauling do you want to do? local, regional or long haul.

 “The quickest and easiest way”, is to sign a one year contract with a big carrier, and then they will get you cdl training. “companies like swift, schneider national, and Werner are the 3 biggest.” Then there is community college’s, all across the country, and most accept grants such as the g.i. bill. Also you can find independent driver who would be willing to teach you how to be a truck driver, this is the best way in my opinion to get cdl training . Then there is independent driving school’s the cost is $2000 to $5000 dollars.

“The journey begins”

Now that you decided which method how to get cdl training your journey begins. “It’s” really very easy, the hard part will be when you’re on your own for the first time. The first week depending on where you get cdl training will be classroom. “You will learn how to use log books”, maps, regulations, the basics of driving 18 wheelers. “General maintenance and inspection of the truck.” Then practice for the cdl training exams, and get your permit.

 You will learn driving in extreme weather safe driving techniques entering and exiting roads. Accident maneuvers, skid control, backing, and hazards. The rest of the cdl training will involve, pre trip inspections and driving. Day and night driving city driving and in traffic. All of this is to prepare you for the cdl test. “Then after you get your cdl you will be put with a professional driver”, for a number of weeks learning driver cdl training. Then when the professional Truck driver feels you’re ready to go on your own, they will release you.

 Now you’re a truck driver making money, and enjoying your new career. “But a warning once you start you will be hooked for life”, diesel will get in your blood and then you won’t be able to quit! I will post some helpful links on my links page for you. The very best way to get any info about driving a truck is talk to a driver! Go to the truck stops or local warehouse. “I will see you out here and good luck gonzotrucker


Remeber to do your research first on which course you wish to go. There is many diffrent options, van trailer, flatbed, tanker, carhauler. Or you can drive local, regional, and over the road whichever one suit’s you best. Also dont forget to go to your local truck stop, and speak with a truck driver. Ask them as many questions as you like they will be glad to help you get cdl training.



Information on cdl training


Information on CDL TRAINING is what this article is about. Details will be provided on what that entails and specific elements on driving, maintaining the truck, getting the proper rest on long hauls and other particulars. One point in deciding to become a truck driver is whether to do long hauls or short distances. This does not change the requirement for a CDL but is a personal choice when applying for employment. Part of the process of learning how to be a truck driver is weighing all your options.

A DOT physical is a requirement before any trucking company will hire a driver. This DOT (Department of Transportation) physical is also repeated every two years. Paperwork and release forms are prepared to share the information with the school chosen or the company where employment will take place. The eyes and ears are also tested. Random alcohol and drug tests are given. No drug or alcohol use is tolerated whatsoever. Realization that any use of marijuana can show up in the system even after thirty days. The consequences of taking a risk in this manner are dire. In CDL TRAINING programs, these factors are critical to maintaining your license and job opportunity.

The first step in CDL TRAINING is obtaining a commercial driver license. This is required in all states. Truck driving schools are available for the training. Driving schools do cost but there are options for those who are on a restricted budget. Some schools require no money upfront. Some companies will pay for the schooling. This involves a contractual agreement with the company. Learning how to be a truck driver is not free but well worth the investment.

The cost for an independent truck driving school is estimated under $8,000. An individual can apply for government aid to pay the cost. This is a great vocation and the pay is considered excellent. Therefore, the repayment of the loan is very likely. Another option for payment is applying with a company that will pay for the schooling. Tuition reimbursement is a third option for payment. Trucking companies make this available as long as an individual is employed with their company. Learning driver training means that these are important decisions to make.

Whatever school is chosen, training is the important factor in learning how to be a truck driver. There are drivers on the road who have gone to different schools. Proper training and application is the key element when driving. The slight difference between an independent school and a company-sponsored school is that the independent school will teach a student by the commercial driving standards. The company school may vary the teaching slightly based on how their company does things. For instance, braking technique down a steep incline may vary slightly between the company school and the independent school.

It is important to do the research when making the decision on driver training. Get accurate information on what is being offered and what is required. From obtaining the CDL to getting the training, correct information helps in the decision-making process.

Learning how to be a truck driver also entails specific driving techniques. Because trucks are such large vehicles, prior considerations are paramount to safety. Unlike driving a passenger vehicle, preparing for a stop can mean the difference between a fatal accident or none at all. Timing the stop lights is important in this aspect. Planning accordingly between a light that has a flashing crosswalk sign on the upcoming cross lane is what planning is all about.

Experience in driving a truck is what this means and learning how to be a truck driver takes practice. For instance, be aware of the other vehicles on the road. It is a very critical point. Drivers today are not all considerate and try to change lanes or move ahead due to impatience. Smaller trucks carrying equipment that is not secure can turn into a serious problem if a commercial driver is not paying attention.

Street damage can also be a problem. Potholes can cause unsecured equipment to be thrown off the back of a truck. Any cars behind this vehicle will immediately apply their brakes and if there is not enough distance between you and the other driver, this will cause an accident. Experience in commercial driving is a day-by-day learning process. Everyday may present a situation that has not occurred before while driving. Safety is the element that can make the difference between life and death on the highways. Safe driving requires offensive and defensive strategies on the road.

Traffic is a challenge for all drivers but can be even more so for the commercial drivers. The size of the vehicle is important because of this. Preparation for merging into traffic, changing lanes or exiting the freeway are all considerations that can be planned. Check the traffic around you, look ahead to see the number cars before you and the lanes on the right and left and plan to change lanes to exit the freeway. The signs posted on the freeway are significant tools to determine when to prepare for the exit.

Knowing your truck and how to handle it is a very important part of the safety factor. A great portion of your time is spent on the road. Making sure the truck is properly serviced and maintained is a key element of safety. Driving a truck can mean driving anywhere from 200 to over 600 miles a day. However, there are hours of service regulations that help to keep drivers from overdoing it on the road. Learning how to be a truck driver means knowing when to rest.

Driving techniques are valuable when getting CDL TRAINING. Because of the size of the truck, there are elements that come into play that do not for someone driving a passenger vehicle. Braking, turning, and acceleration or shifting gears are three of these factors. Braking sooner and more often, especially in traffic, is important. The size of the truck as well as the size of the load being carried affects the ability to stop in time for a light or a vehicle in front of you. These are important elements to learning to be a truck driver.

Knowing how to shift gears with a manual transmission is crucial. The procedure is to release the accelerator, push in the clutch, and shift simultaneously. After that, release the clutch. At that point, the engine and the gears need to slow down to reach the proper RPMs before moving into the next gear. At that point, you can push in the clutch again and shift simultaneously to the next gear. Release the clutch and accelerate at the same time to continue. These are basic steps for a manual truck.

Slowing down requires the same basic procedures but you must release the accelerator, push in the clutch, and shift to neutral simultaneously. Release the clutch. At this point, you then press the accelerator. Increase the engine and gear speed to the required RPM in the lower speed. Press the clutch and shift to a lower gear at the same time. Release the clutch and press the accelerator simultaneously.

The process of learning how to be truck driver with a manual transmission takes practice. Downshifting is important before going downhill. You must slow down and get to the speed that is comfortable for the hill. This is necessary to maintain control of the vehicle as well as not having to brake hard.

Automatic transmissions are a little easier and better for some. These transmissions allow you to choose a speed when going uphill or downhill. However, going downhill with an automatic transmission allows better control of braking using the lower speeds. It prevents shifting of the transmission. Learning how to be a truck driver may require knowing how to operate both types of transmissions, both manual and automatic.

Turning a curve requires that you slow the vehicle and downshift with a manual transmission before turning. This helps to maintain control of the vehicle. The automatic transmission is, as mentioned before, easier to control. However, there is still the need to slow the vehicle down before attempting the turn. Learning how to be a truck driver means knowing the vehicle that you will drive.

Before getting on the road for a trip, check points are necessary. Make sure to have all paperwork such as trip manifests and permits. Make sure that the load is secure. Put away any loose items so that there are no surprises on the road and nothing gets in the way of the brakes or accelerator; or, that may cause a distraction and have you take your eyes off the road for too long. Learning how to be a truck driver means that you take safety precautions before a long trip.


The tests included on how to be a truck driver include written tests and a road test. There are a number of written tests that include various categories such as a general knowledge test, a hazardous materials test if you are to drive such materials, or a tank test for anyone who will carry any liquid or gaseous materials. If an individual will be driving triple or double trailers, an endorsement test for this is required. It is important to note that there specific items that relate to particular choices in driving. These are all considerations when learning how to be a truck driver.

Though many details are covered here, there is additional information that will be acquired once the decision to be a driver is made and the process has begun. Many things can still be mentioned. However, learning the correct procedures and applying them is the really important point. Safety should be foremost in the mind of a commercial driver. Taking care on the road as well as keeping the truck serviced and well maintained are important elements of that safety. Learning how to be a truck driver means learning how to be a safe driver.


CDL practice tests

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